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Give your dog access to any room in the house, even when the door is shut with Trixie's 2-Way Locking Dog Door. The durable plastic frame with silent action transparent door flap and sturdy metal base bar make it ideal for the garage, laundry, or back room door. Restrict access using the removable metal rear panel.

Suitable for medium to extra-large dogs weighing up to 95 pounds. Quick and easy assembly. All hardware included.


  • For dogs (size M–XL)
  • Flexible transparent flap, silent action
  • Lockable with removable metal rear panel which protects against intruders and against wind and bad weather incl. tunnel element
  • Depth 19–32 mm
  • Can be extended with more tunnel elements
  • Total measurements 39 × 45 cm
  • Cut out size 33 × 40 cm
  • Flap size 30.8 × 38 cm
  • 3 years guarantee
  • Made of plastic


  • Place the template in the desired position for the door and draw the complete out-line (the height should be approx. 15 cm measured from the bottom.
  • Drill 6 holes with a diameter of approx. 6 mm. Next saw the opening along the contours.
  • Before fixing the outer frame, center this frame with the tunnel element and the inner frame (simply fit them together).
  • Now fasten the outer frame and inner frame with the 12 screws provided. After that the screws can be covered with the plastic caps.


To help your dog get used to the door, hold the flap open and tempt it through with food or a tasty treat.

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