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Trixie scratching post protects your upholstery and carpets from your cat's natural scratching habit. It has a good value and high quality design. Sharpening their claws is very important for cats. It has a large scratching area made of durable sisal, prevents your cat from scratching wallpaper and furniture.


  • Sisal/plush (polyester)
  • Sturdy woven fabric/plush cover material
  • Rear side covered with plush (polyester)
  • Cave fitted with plush (polyester)
  • Protects areas the cat would use to mark with scratches
  • Decorated with a cute paw print


  • Trixie Badalona Scratching Post for Cats consists of a cave, two slabs and 2 sisal posts, providing everything you need. It is covered with soft plush and come with an extra plush lining inside the cave, so that every cat there a fiddle feels. The cave is decorated with a cute paw print.

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