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A Clicker is an excellent tool for the education and training of your pet. Training with the Clicker is independent of age; it works for puppies as well as for full-grown animals. To get optimal results precise timing when to use the Clicker is essential.

How Animals Learn

Animals learn by trial and error and by immediate responses – praise/reward or punishment – following their actions. An animal will not understand educational measures which come even a few seconds later, even if only such a short time span is between their action and their owner's reaction. You should also bear in mind that – even if your dog ran away – playing with another dog represents a reward for him. Therefore it is vital to prevent misbehavior, i.e. behavior you do not desire. Instead, teach your pet alternative behavior step by step.

How to use

  • Think about what you want your pet to learn.
  • Divide the exercise into separate, small milestones.
  • Only cover a maximum of one individual milestone per training unit.
  • Don’t forget to include a jackpot occasionally. The training should always be fun.
  • Practice with more and more distractions.
  • Progress to variable reinforcement.
  • Introduce a command.

We wish you and your pet a lot of fun and success with the various exercises. Please remember that it is necessary to set small milestones to reach the final goal. This playfully trains your pet and strengthens your relationship with each other.

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