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It's a challenge to groom nervous pets. This grooming combo is best suited for any nervous pet's grooming.


  • Trixie Fur Care Massage Gloves is for pet's fur care.
  • Glove grooms the coat while petting, stimulates the blood flow, frees the coat from dead hair and dust.  It suits sensitive and young animals.
  • Comfortable tool for every groomer. 

  • Trixie Double Sided Comb presented with a wooden handle is designed for fur care. It can be used on all types of hair or breed.
  • The dual comb has a Coarse Comb on one side to loosen dense matted fur and a fine comb on the other side to comb through hair to give a shiny silky tangle free finished coat.
  • The comb head is robust and made of stainless steel.
  • For dogs/cats who are prone to shedding, this comb can remove unwanted hair and prevent all over shedding.

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