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Our mission was to find the thickest and strongest materials possible when creating our poop bag. We promise you will be 100% satisfied when being too close to your pet’s waste. This is no joke - our bags are of the highest quality. The thicker the bag, the greater the experience.


Say goodbye to ripping bags off a roll because we've pre-ripped and individually folded every single bag for you. Never fight with a huge role to rip the bag again. This makes nighttime potty trips even better because you won’t have to squint in the dark, looking for the perforated marks again. We’ve ripped the bag in the wrong place, far too many times.

We promise to give you the best possible experience during potty duty. We love our pets, but poop pick-up isn’t as lovable. Our bags are the last bags you’ll ever buy because they have all the amazing benefits you could want!


Capacity - 10 pcs./pack

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