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Training to avoid bites is important, but sometimes muzzles are necessary, particularly while a pet is still in the rehabilitation process. If you have a pet that is likely to bite and you’re going to be in a situation that’s stressful for the pet, a muzzle might be a good idea. Stressful situations can include a trip to the vet or groomers. Keep in mind that, like all muzzles, they should only be worn for brief periods of time, up to twenty minutes at the most, depending upon temperature and the pet’s activity level. Constantly monitor your pet’s comfort and remove the muzzle if they are showing any difficulty breathing or signs of overheating. 


  • Prevents your dog from biting, barking, and chewing things, great to prevent your pampered ones from chewing furniture.
  • Made of strong flexible plastic, design for maximum breathability.
  • Different sizes are suitable for different breeds. Choose your pet's muzzle size below

     XS - 14 cm - Terrier Black

    Small - 17 cm - Terrier Black

    Medium - 20 cm - Cocker Spaniel

    M - L - 26 cm - Rottweiler

    Large - 31 cm - German Shephard

    L-XL - 36 cm - St. Bernard Black

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