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The Trixie scratching post for cat can be the complete toy for your pet; this will help to cater to the inherent need of your cat to scratch and pounce on its prey; getting home this handy toy can save your upholstery and furniture.

 Your cat will love this scratching post as it has a mouse that is attached on a spring, so your cat will be able to pounce on the mouse but will not be able to detach it. This will keep you cat busy for long hours. The post is made of sisal rope that can withstand regular scratching from your cat. If you want then you can even add catnip to the post as this attracts the cat towards the toy. This can give your cat countless hours of fun and is very easy to clean and maintain. There is an additional ball that is attached to the post that moves when your cat swats it


  • Comes with a scratching post, a mouse and a playing ball
  • Fun scratching post toy for your cat
  • Works on cat’s basic instinct to scratch and pounce
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Easy to maintain

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