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V-Top Operation Vertical Lifting Column Table is powered by Jiechang vertical lifting column. Telescopicpedestal style, slim lifting column leaves extra leg space underneath and provides room for other equipment that needs to be close to the operating area (i.e. X-Ray equipment). V-Top Table with buffer hinges and air springs secures the top where positioned. Heating system with accurate temperature monitoring control. The IV pole mount is welded on. Improved waste channel and drain hole design promote drain flow. The translucent bucket provides visibility of waste collection. Water-resistant foot pedals. Sliding drain trough. Operation Surface Angled. Angle adjuster mechanism. side panel handle. Buffered hinges and air spring added to cushion the dropping impact of the whole top and V-top side panels. Improved waste channel and drain hole design allow for fluidly drain flow, close-fitting translucent bucket improves waste collection. Buffer hinge. New 3" casters installed for smoother movement and easier braking.


  • Dimensions: 55"x20"x24"-40" (LxWxH), 70kg
  • Capacity: Max 120 kg
  • Size: Large

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