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Zorb-It-Up! Powder solidifies semi-solids such as vomit, diarrhea, and lose hairballs in minutes, making clean-up easy and convenient compared to using paper towels. An odor counteractant eliminates foul odors associated with the accident. Safe for use on carpets, hardwood, tile, marble, laminate, and other surfaces.

Features -

  • Gels and solidifies waste making it spill-proof - Rapidly solidifies urine into a firm solid gel that won’t leak and is completely splash-proof. This makes the resulting solid urine waste easier, safer, and more convenient to handle during transportation and disposal. The perfect solution for camping toilet bags, just add the powder to the disposable bag, do your business, and throw the bag away!
  • User-friendly urine and waste absorber - Simply sprinkle Nature's Pure Edge urine solidifier granules on the urine and waste in the container. Within seconds the urine is absorbed by the granules and turned instantly into a gel that can then be dumped out of any container like a pet loo bin, portable toilet, or a urinal. No odor, no mess, and no spills or leaks!
  • No Leakes! Perfect for camping toilets - Rapidly absorbs and gels urine, waste, and other liquid waste in compost bags for portable toilet buckets, porta-potty, camping toilet, and emergency toilet. Most economical option available. Extra Large 32 ounce container!
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed - Our urine and waste absorber is the fastest most effective way to absorb and deodorize urine and waste. We value our customer's satisfaction with every single order. 
Capacity -  226 gm

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