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Dog or Cat, What Your Pet of Choice Says About Your Personality
People are often thought to mimic their pets, but can your pet choice predict your personality?
When meeting new people, we frequently resort to this tried-and-true icebreaker: Are you a cat person or a dog person? We may judge them at times by comparing our choices to theirs, and at other times, you may have made a lifelong friend.
According to several psychology studies, whether they prefer dogs or cats reveals a lot about a person. You don’t need a personality test to tell you who you are; these studies can predict your personality. Impressed? Let's take a closer look at the findings of this research to see what we can learn

Who’s More Energetic?

Pic Credit: Unsplash
 Studies and polls suggest that dog people are more energetic and outgoing, while cat parents might be less outgoing.

So if you prefer active hobbies such as dancing, yoga, cycling, or even traveling, you should thank your dog because dog owners are more likely than cat owners to enjoy active hobbies.

Introverts and Extroverts, Who’s Who?


Pic Credit: Unsplash

Studies have shown that dog owners are 15% more extroverted than people with cats. Cat owners are seen to be more introverted.
Cat lovers are also known to prefer solitude and are more likely to live alone, while dog owners usually live with a partner and make friends more easily, thus making the above point more solid. 

Which Makes More Money?


Pic Credit: Unsplash

People who own dogs earn more money on average than people who own cats. If you are a Dog parent, you are inclined to spend more on items for yourself and your dogs, such as new outfits and interesting and entertaining adventures, thanks to that surplus owing to that higher wage. 

Creativity, Which Side Does it Flow?


Pic Credit: Unsplash

If you're a curious, artisan, and creative person, you probably favor cats over dogs. Cat owners are more likely to love reading and gardening than dog owners, who prefer action movies, travel, and physical activities. 

Who’s More Competitive?


Pic Credit: Unsplash

You're possibly not very competitive if you're a cat person. You live on your own terms and couldn't care less about how you're doing in comparison to the rest of the world. They might call you one of the Cat Ladies, but you just don’t care.  But if you have a dog, you are likely to be more competitive even over trivial issues. 

Trust, Who Does it Come Easy to?


Pic Credit: Unsplash

According to a survey, those who like dogs are 13 percent more likely to be Trusting than people who prefer cats. People who are trusting are usually agreeable, selfless, friendly, compassionate, and social as well. So pet owners, which one are you?

Goal-Oriented People


Pic Credit: Unsplash
People were asked to categorize themselves as "cat people" or "dog people" in an internet survey. The participants were then asked a series of questions meant to uncover their genuine personalities. Dog owners were 11% more diligent than cat owners. It implies that they are more self-disciplined, with a greater sense of responsibility, and are planners and organizers. 
Even if certain character traits vary depending on if you're a dog or a cat person, your pet holds a special place in your heart. They're important enough to shape many actions or choices, but whether you're a dog or a cat person, there's one thing you have in common: a deep affection for your furry companion.
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