Ashita Mathew - Heads Up For Tails Pet Spa, Bangalore

My life as a groomer for the past 7 years would have been very difficult, if not for ABK Imports. We are getting great quality grooming products and after-sales servicing has been super easy for me thanks to ABK. Any time I have needed help regarding any of their products, they have always been there. Thanks to ABK, we are able to continue our passion as pet groomers in India.

Dr. Soorej - The Cochin Pet Hospital, Kerala

I have purchased dryers, clippers, operation table, and many more items from ABK. I have been using these items continuously without any issues. The service and spare parts support of ABK is best.

Shona Bhobe - Twix & Butch Pet Salon, Pune

I have to thank you guys for the most amazing products ever. Simply love it. Cuts my work in half! You guys are onto the grooming business on some other level altogether. 

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Diapers or Pads? What to use when?

Doggie diapers or pads? We know we need one or the other to keep our pet and home clean and tidy. But which one? Doggie diapers or wipes or pads, we got so many options that these confuse us which one to choose and of which brand? It’s such a baffle! We also have a wide options of dog pads that is to be put on the floor so the puppy can do their...
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