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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

ABK believes in securing the privacy of all our pet parents and website visitors. The aim of this policy is to expand on the protection of personal information provided to us. The company strictly determines that the personal information of the website visitors is safe and protected. Hereby we request you to look over the terms stated for the protection of your information. We believe you have carefully read the policy and acknowledged to be bound by the policy terms.

The information which you have shared in an unencrypted manner that is open to the public or forum will not be considered confidential and is not subject to protection under our Privacy Policy. As this information is open to all and can be misused by an observer for their benefit. Thus, as a website visitor please be particular about sharing your information publicly.

ABK cannot be considered at fault for any such harm caused if the visitor has shared personal data publicly.

Here, know where and how we need your information

Promotions and Marketing

  • Your mobile number and email id have to be used to process your orders.
  • If you register the number and the email address on our website there are chances you might receive messages, calls, or emails for marketing and promotion purposes.

Please note- You can unsubscribe the same at any point in time

If you choose to register or share your data at any third-party social media sources, we might collect your data only for promotional purposes

Cookies and other technologies sources

  • Every time you visit our website you might receive a pop-up to access cookies to understand your particular needs related to our website products. It is completely up to you to give access to us or not.


  • You might get a link to an advertisement from any of our advertisers or any other partner channels. We will not be responsible for any Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policies of such websites.

Payment Safety

  • assures safety of every website visitor’s information. Any payment related information entered on the website are encoded and protected with us at trusted and secured means.

Happy To Hear From You

We are happy to hear from you if we can assist you with anything regarding Please contact us on:


Contact no: +91 95119 60778