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Built using premium quality SUS304 stainless steel, the BTS-131 dog bathtub is perfectly manufactured with classic structure. Selected stainless steel meets and exceeds international standards best for professional use. Made from 13 perfect manufacturing processes such as shearing, cutting, welding, polishing which makes it elegant. Under normal use, it will be rust free for years. Pre-drilled holes on each side allow for 4” to 8” faucet hook-ups. 

We offer you access Sliding door on this great tubs.

The backsplash features U shaped hooks for shower heads to rest. The access door slides to open easily. The ramp effortlessly swings under the tub for storage. The ramp is produced using high-quality ball-bearings in the rotational portion, making sure it rotates without effort and the dog in a bathtub doesn’t face any issues. Well-designed, well-made steel wire safety catch, ensures this durable ramp will operate easily. Hydraulic grooming tubs also come with flexible drain hose, stainless steel hair strainer, two tub racks, to keep pets above suds and dirty water. A puppy booster to help raise toy breeds to a comfortable working height is equipped. 

  • Multi-filtering drain and exclusive drain hose
  • Standard predrilled hot/cold faucet
  • Puppy booster
  • Stainless steel drainage and hair strainer
  • Left-right sliding door
  • A black plastic floor panel
  • Swing in & Swing Out Ramp

Dimension: 50L x 27W x 41-69H inches

Product code: BTS-131

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