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Opawz Toy Poodle Model Dog is A - top of the - line practice toy poodle model dog, with a high simulation effect that provides a realistic trimming experience, specially designed for teaching and displaying in grooming schools as well as for students’ practice. It is a useful tool for students to try different dog grooming skills in grooming academies, workshops or seminars. Groomers can practice on the model dog and change wigs; it is an inexpensive way to try your hands on dog grooming skills. Using model dogs to practice grooming skills is cost-effective and easy to set – up. It is a very handy way to practice trimming and creative dog grooming skills with dyes and colours for beginners, novice groomers and students.


  • Similar toy poodle size, realistic style poodle
  • Movable tail and legs
  • The stable and firm plastic material
  • A reusable model dog that fits all different styles of Toy Poodle wigs and wool pad.


Standing Height

37cm (14.56")

Length (Body Piece)

27cm (10.62")

Width (Chest)

9cm (3.54")



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