How to groom Cocker Spaniel?

by ABK Grooming

Cocker Spaniel is a dog breed everyone loves to have. It is because of their friendly behavior and friendly nature. They are always compatible with children, elders, and other pets. For grooming this breed, it is an arduous task. As this dog breed is quite a lot hairy. Their hair gets easily matted and tangled. This is also one reason cocker spaniel's grooming is expensive. 

Note that grooming a Cocker Spaniel requires high-quality tools. It creates a better grooming experience and also gives finished look. 

List of grooming tools:

  • Andis self-cleaning slicker brush  
  • Andis Premium De-shedding tool
  • So Gentle Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo
  • Natural Oatmeal Crème Rinse Conditioner
  • Aeolus Cyclone Single Motor Pet Hair Grooming Dryer
  • Andis ultra Edge AGC 2 Speed Clipper
  • Andis blades
  • Andis Grooming Scissors
  • Andis Thinning Scissors
  • Bio-Groom Coat Polish Spray  

Start with brushing your dog's coat. Remember Cocker spaniels have two coats. Thus use a slicker brush to get rid of loose, matted, and tangled hair.

brushing a cocker spaniel
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Give a nice bath to your cocker spaniel with suitable dog shampoo and conditioner. 

Thoroughly dry your dog's coat with a powerful dryer. We recommend you to use hypoallergenic products as cocker spaniels have sensitive skin. 

Decide what look you want on your pet. Here we will talk about 'Puppy cut'. This cut will lessen a minor burden of grooming. But you will still need to brush their coats every two days. To get 'puppy cut' you will need to use blade 10 and 15. 

Starting with the face hold clipper below the eye and cautiously shave towards the nose. Do this for both sides. Now coming to his ear, gently hold his floppy ears behind and pull the clipper towards his muzzle. After coming towards his muzzle, pull his upper lips and gently shave the area under the upper lip. 

Gently hold his mouth and bring the clipper to his breastbone now shave in the upward direction from the breastbone towards the chin.

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 Let's come to the top of the head and shave evenly. While you will be almost done grooming your dog's face area, the next step will be to trim the hair around the eyes with thinning scissors. 

We all have seen Cocker Spaniels look good with floppy ears. Thus continuing with the same blade clip just the upper part of the ear and let the end be floppy and hairy.  

Coming to the clipping of their back, belly, and tail. Switch to 7 blade, shave in the hair's direction. Start from the head following the curves and waves of his hair end towards the tail. Then clip some hair from the tail with the clipper and then with the scissors to make it look uniform. Use the comb and check the length and volume. 

To trim the hair on the dog's feet, you will need scissors. Comb the hair holding the feet towards you. Gently clip the hair grown on the top of the toenail. Let the hair on the paws look even. Now turn down the paw and carefully trim the hair around in the circular direction. Make sure you don't hurt the dog's paw pad. Don't over trim the hair on the feet. The paws should still cover the toenail.

Never forget to clean around the dog’s eye. Use a wet (warm water and shampoo) napkin and clean the debris accumulated around the eye. Look at ears as there are chances of getting an infection. Use an ear cleaning solution to clean debris. Check out our blog on how to clean a dog’s ear? 

Check our clipper and ear wash combo Andis Double Speed Pet Clipper & Tropiclean Ear Wash Combo Kit.

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Don’t forget to use Bio groom Coat Polish Spray to keep dog groomed for a longer period. 

Note - Constantly check the blade. If the blade is hot, use Andis® 5-in-1 Cool Care Plus Animal Clipper Blade Oil Spray Can.