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5 Must-Have Dog Grooming Essentials Every Pet Parent Needs!

Dog grooming is an essential part of taking care of your pets. Your pooches come across many health problems. it can be avoided altogether if you do a thorough job of grooming your dog and they also feel well taken care of. Now, it is the perfect time to invest in grooming items with the increasing cases of Covid-19. From your dog's nails trimmers to doggos toothpaste we have got you covered. Keep on reading!

 Nail Clippers

Andis Nail Clipper

Pic Credit - NBC News

If you want to take on the task of trimming your dog’s claws, use Andis’ nail clipper, they are the safest choice. They are heavy-duty stainless steel clippers. Sharpened & heat-treated for strength. Safety stops over-cutting your fur baby’s nails too short. The safety lock is given on the handle for safe storage.


Tropiclean Coconut Shampoo

Pic Credit - Woof Report

If your floof no longer smells good, it’s time for a bath. A shampoo made specifically for your doggo. Tropiclean’s gentle coconut shampoo will help remove dirt without irritating your woofer’s skin. Its gentle and natural ingredients will keep your pet clean, tear-free, and oh-so-snugly.

Dog’s paste and brush

Tropiclean Dog's Paste and Brush

Pic Credit - Intermountain Pet Hospital

Dog toothpaste and toothbrushes are specially for them. The fluoride in human toothpaste can upset a dog’s stomach so it’s best to use a toothpaste made for them. Use Trixie Dog Dental Hygiene Kit, its toothbrush set massages your pup's gums and removes plaque and tarter gently.

Slicker Brush

Andis Slicker Brush

Pic Credit - Dreamstime

Regular brushing can do wonders for your pets’ coats and overall health. Choose the right brush for your pet based on breed and coat is important. Choosing the wrong brush can be harmful to your furry friend and cause irritation, brush burn, or infection. Heavier coats require different types of brushes to remove tangles. Use Andis Medium Firm Slicker Brush, it eliminates tangle and matting. Reduces shedding up to 90%. Fluffs up and beautifies your pet’s coat.

Ear Cleaner for Pets

Tropiclean Dog Ear Cleaner

Pic Credit - The Happy Puppy Site

Proper ear care for pups is mostly overlooked, but they are just as important as their coat or nails. Ear cleaning can remove the buildup of wax, debris and prevents ear infection. Use Petkin Ear Wipes Safely dissolves wax & removes debris. Reduces odor & keeps ears clean and healthy.

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