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Guide for shampoo and conditioners for Puppy

Always choose the right shampoo for your pet!

There are a variety of Pet shampoos today, it is very important for the dog groomers and the owners to make the right choice. With a wide range available in market it is easy for a dog owner to get confused.  

It is very important for a new dog owner to learn the right time to bathe your puppy, as it is not safe to wash a dog when it is too young.

For the first three months the mother handles the responsibility to keep her puppy clean by licking them whenever necessary. However, after three months, you can give bathing to your puppy by selecting the right shampoo.  Then smoothly and steadily a routine for taking bath can be set for your puppy. How you bathe them now, will affect on how they react to being groomed when they are young. So make sure it is pleasurable for them.

Some dog owners may think shampoo’s that are designed for fully grown dogs will work for the puppy too, but this is not the case. Every dog is not the same, so choose the shampoo that is specifically designed for your puppy.


Important considerations when it comes to choosing a shampoo for your puppy:

  • Stick to natural ingredients
  • Introduce your puppy to the product slowly
  • Don’t reach for the human shampoo


 Is there any special shampoo for puppies?

Although today the manufacturers design shampoo suitable for puppies as well as fully grown dogs, but we recommend using a specialist shampoo for your puppy. The primary factor is that a product designed for puppies is far gentler on your dog’s skin and coat.

Being a new dog owner, it may difficult to choose the right shampoo because of the range and variety available. The different shampoos include Hypoallergic, antifungal, whitening, medicated, flea & tick and organic are just few of them to be mentioned.

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