How to prevent dogs from getting heat stroke?

by ABK Grooming

Dogs can suffer from heat stroke in only a couple of short minutes, even if the temperature doesn’t seem that hot to us. How will you know if your pup is at risk for overheating?

All dogs are at risk in extreme temperatures. The air temperature, humidity, sun exposure (or lack of shade), amount of your time within the heat, level of exertion, and availability of h2O can affect how well a dog tolerates heat. Be alert for warmth distress signs, like excessive panting or drooling or rapid heartbeat.

Try these methods to prevent your furry friend from getting heat stroke-

 1. Avoid exposing your dog to extraordinary heat

Avoid Sun Exposure for dogs

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Dogs who are acclimated to a fairly hot environment can tolerate more than dogs who are not. When temperatures rise beyond what is average, give your dog greater relief from the heat. Leave him home! And if he is left at home, make sure he’s got methods for staying cool like shade, lots of fresh and cool water to drink; and perhaps the cooling breeze of a fan. If you have to take him out then try to keep him out of the sun.

2. Modify your dog’s exercise routine in Summer

Avoid exposure from sun

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Walk him after dark or before dawn. Find a pond or a beach where dogs are safe and welcome, and incorporate swimming or water play into his usual game of fetch. During severe heat waves, he can skip any sort of difficult exercise for a few days.

3. Get him wet

Trixie dog pool

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Get him his own pool, try Trixie Dog Pool, Made from scratch resistant plastic. Particularly stable construction of sides (MDF). For cooling down on hot days. Easy to set up & pack away without an air-pump. Non-slip bottom inside the pool. Easy to empty with a drain valve.  In a dry climate, the evaporation will help lower his body temperature; in a humid environment, you’ll need to get some extra air flowing from a wet coat to help him cool down.

4. Provide ample water

Dog drinking water

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Make sure your dog has lots of fresh, cool water. Dogs always seem to drink more when they have options. If you’re out with the dog, offer water more frequently. Stop in a shade, and encourage him to relax and drink. 

5. Use a cooling vest

Dog cooling vest

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There are numerous products for keeping dogs cool on the market. Try out Trixie Cooling Vest PVA, which is made of highly absorbent PVA. Supports thermoregulation e.g. in sport, training & competitions. Ideal for older dogs as well. Cools by evaporating. It is one of the best cooling vest for your furry friend.