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Nine Must Have Supplies For Your New Puppy

Bringing a new puppy into your house is an amazing experience, typically full of laughter and love. However, before you bring your new puppy home, you wish to be certain you are well-prepared. Here are 9 items you should have before getting the puppy to your home:

1. Dog Barrier Doors - Puppies not only have difficulty with bladder and bowel control but like to explore new things to see if they're edible. Being able to make stay your pup out of some areas will keep everybody safer and happier. Have few Dog Barrier at home to avoid any sort of accident after a certain boundary. Check Savic’s Door Barrier and Extensions - to keep your pup safe at home when you are not around.

      Dog/cat barrier2. A Training Crate - A crate makes your puppy easier to housebreak because they are less likely to potty in areas where they sleep. Check out the product Puppy Loo Puppy Toilet. Another advantage is that it gives your dog a place to sleep that feels like a den. Also have a look at amazing Multi-Purpose Crate Pad from Dogs Gone Smart available in various sizes and colors. 

      3. Enzyme-based carpet cleaners - Puppies will have accidents, but these cleaners are good for removing stains and odors. The enzymes can discourage them from getting in the same spot.

      4. A Comfortable Dog Bed - The bed will keep your puppy warm and comfortable. Using the bed in your new puppy's crate could be a great way to assist them and will make them feel more comfortable. You can check Lounger Bed, Donut Bed and Canvas Rectangle Bed from Dogs Gone Smart launched in new exotic colors. 

      5. Water and Food bowls - Sturdy, chew-proof bowls are essential for keeping your puppy well-fed and watered. Choose a size which will grow along with your puppy. Check out our latest collection of Fun Feeder Mini Slow Feed Bowl imported from USA. It makes feeding easy and fun. Also increases mental stimulation and establishes human-puppy bond. Have a collection of bowls to exit the dog each time he eats or drink. You can go for Plastic bowls from Trixie or Translucent Supper Bowl from PetBrands, UK. We have it all!

      6. A Leash and Collar - Nylon leashes are durable enough for active puppies. Chain Leash with Nylon Hand Loop is the one you can go for! Consider the safety and ease of training that comes with a Premium Collar. Also check Set of 6 Puppy Collars from Trixie. Most of them are fully adjustable and comes in some amazing eye catching colors and are available in sizes from Small to X-Large.

      7. Tough toys - Toys that are suitable for chewing will keep your puppy's teeth healthy and keep him or her occupied. Look for chewy toys like Flossy Bone, Knot Cotton Rope, Beyond Bone Chew Toy, and Chew Starter Dental Toys. Contact us for more recommendation! We also recommend Squeaky toys, Fetch toys, Floating Toys. There is huge range you can choose from. 

      8. Housebreaking pads - These pads encourage your puppy to pee only in designated areas. They are helpful for preventing accidents. Try our Bowtastic Puppy Training Pads, Moisture Lock Training Pads or Nappy Puppy Pads. Give your puppy, a proper potty training using the pads.

      9. Paper towels - Lots of paper towels will help you to clean up even the biggest messes your puppy can make. Keep plenty of them at hand.

      Also keep some basic items in hand for hygiene like Dog Stain and Odor Remover, Dog Toothpaste, Water Additives, Doggywipes, Diapers, Waste Pick-up Bags,

      If you're well-prepared before bringing your puppy home, his transition to living in your home will go much more smoothly
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