Why You Should Not Use a Dog Blade On Cat

by ABK Grooming

When you own a pet, you need to groom them to keep their fur in shape and their deshedding in control. Some pets need to be groomed more frequently than others. Whether you are a professional pet groomer or groom your pet at home, you need to make sure that you use the correct blade while clipping your pets’ fur. There are pet-specific products available for you to use. For example, there are certain clippers available for dogs and certain for cats. You have to be very careful that you do not mix up and use clipper blades meant for cats on your dog and vice versa. Let us see why.



Pets have sensitive skin and using the wrong clipper blade on them can affect their skin and cause them skin allergies or rashes. Cats’ have rougher skin as compared to dogs and that’s why blades meant for cats would be too rough on your dog’s smooth skin. On the other hand, using a dull clipper blade on your cat could hurt them as it would pull their skin while you are trimming them.

 Dog with allergies


Dogs and cats have different types of fur. Dogs have thicker and longer fur as compared to cats. On the contrary, cats have softer and finer hair and so they do not need a very powerful clipper which is usually used to clip dog’s fur. You may also be tempted to use clippers meant for short coated dogs on your cats who have a short coat of fur, but you should avoid doing that.

 cats with soft fur


When you use the wrong clipper blade on your pet you could injure them. For example, clipper blades for long coated dogs are quite sharp and if you use them on your cats then they may get hurt. To prevent this from happening you should always use the right blade while clipping your pet’s fur.

Thank you for reading. The next time you want to groom your pet, make sure that you use the correct blades that are specific to the type of pet that you own. Using the right clipper blade not only gives the perfect cut to your pet but also makes the whole grooming process easier for you.


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