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How do I know that my dog is overweight?

After some time, you may see increase in your dog weight. It might be less demanding to overlook his weight issue, yet remember that doing as such may abbreviate his life expectancy and make his days more troublesome — and less pleasant.

Being overweight can also prompt other medical issues, similar to diabetes, lessened invulnerable capacity, and joint pain.


Do I Need to Adjust My Dog's Diet?


Keeping up a solid weight is a standout amongst the most critical concerns with regards to your dog's health. Factors like diet and exercise in the correct sums can help keep your dog at a perfect weight.


 Here are 3 simple approaches to if your dog's diet needs adjusting:


  • Rib Check: Place both of your thumbs on your pooch's spine and spread the two hands over his rib confine. You need to have the capacity to feel his ribs. In reality feeling your pooch is imperative, as the layer of many dogs will make a visual check troublesome.


  • Profile Check: Examine your canine's profile. It's ideal in the event that you are level with your dog. In a perfect world, his abdomen will be tucked up behind his rib cage.


  • Overhead Check: Looking at your canine from overhead, distinguish whether you can see an abdomen behind his ribs. Most dogs at a heavy weight have an hourglass figure.




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