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The Health Advantages Enjoyed By A Well Groomed Dog

Dog grooming is not a luxury but a necessity for your pets. Booking your dog regularly for professional grooming does not only make them smell and look great but it is also important to their health. Letting your canine’s coat grow a bit more can be tempting but it takes maintenance. Thus, it is highly recommended that you have your dog professionally groomed on a monthly basis.

Hassle-Free Nail Trimming

Hassle-Free Nail Trimming

Pic Credit - PetMD

Long nails are associated with problems like they create discomfort to your dog while walking. And as a result, your pooch may walk in a weird way, which can cause bone malformations and arthritis if left untreated.

Thus, dogs will need a nail trim at least once a month. For most pet owners, nail trimming is a dreaded task. As pets don’t like process, pet owners can cut their nail shorter than it needs to be. A professional dog groomer will know how to make your furry friend cooperative. Most importantly, they will cut your dog’s nails to the appropriate length.

Protection for Their Sense

Protecting their senses

Pic Credit - Popular Science

Another important reason dogs need good grooming to stay healthy is to prevent problems with their eyes, ears, and mouth. Did you know dogs can get scratches on their eyes, ear mites, lose teeth? Ideally, dogs need to be kept clean and dry and regular grooming not only makes them smell nice but helps in preventing these various problems as well.

Use of the Right Grooming Supplies

Using right grooming tools

Pic Credit - Top Dog Tips

Like humans, dogs also have different needs. For instance, dogs with long hair will need different grooming supplies than those with short hair. Professional groomers know this, so they only make use of the most suitable grooming supplies such as shampoos and conditioners made specifically for them, so it doesn’t irritate their skin.

Healthy and shiny coats that shed a lot less

Healthy Shiny Coat

Pic Credit - Omlet

Regardless of your dog’s hair length, taking your dog to the groomer to get washed and brushed will help with the quality of their fur. Just brushing alone helps to remove dead skin and dirt. It helps to spread the natural oils over their coat, making it shinier and healthier.

Proper Massage Techniques

Proper massage technique

Pic Credit - American Kennel Club

Your dog can greatly benefit from a massage. It helps to stimulate their circulatory system and eliminating any stress. Massaging your dog can be a difficult task if you are not aware of their muscle groups. A professional groomer is well - trained to give your dog a pleasurable and healthy massage.

Detection of Parasites

Detection of Parasites

Pic Credit - Cesars Way

Groomers can immediately tell if your dog has parasites. They will check each inch of your pet’s body for fleas and other parasites.

Your pet’s soft and warm fur is a perfect environment for these parasites. Ticks are removed during the drying process. The entire coat of your canine is split line by line during the drying process until their entire coat is dry. While doing so, groomers will remove the entire dead coat and check for anything unusual. This way, any serious problems can be detected.

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