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Brushing Isn’t the Hardest - Techniques of Brushing & Combing

For those who attended the seminar was a life time experience as it was live seminar of 3 hours on the model dog that too by master certified judge Tammy Colbert at the 2nd National Dog Grooming Competition. She taught various brushing techniques which we are going to wind-up to make a note of. Also for those who doesn’t have the chance to come over can study these and try on these techniques. ABK is committed to education and will continue to educate to those who were or weren’t at the seminar. It was a buoyant experience to watch. We will share the videos on our YouTube channel so you can also reminisce the day and if missed something can get through it.  

The first and foremost technique Tammy told us was to use the line brush with a pin brush to comb the model dog and then the sleeker brush later to reach out the left portion to get it all straight.

Always start with a leg and brush the wig when it’s not on the dog as it is easy that way. Comb it with a little portion of comb as you don’t need to brush it all. Don’t rip through it, go easy and hold the dog straight while combing.

You need to make sure you reach your breed standard as if spoil the hair can’t regrow. Keep skimming the comb and brush, don’t dig in and feel the dog continuously. Keep a point in hand to get the structure and position of the dog. Don’t cut the whole bunch, start trimming slowly.

Brush the ears to form the shape and pin them up in case you don’t cut them or include in the chest portion. Corner the eyes and nose.

The biggest trick of all is not to comb too much as each time you comb it, hair would come out diminishing the strength of wig. Once it looks really nice don’t touch it. Also keeping in mind it’s a wig so it won’t regrow, need to careful while clipping and forming the chest shape. So for that do one side of the dog, take a view from different angles and then do the other side. Pull the wig little bit to expose the foot, brush it down and trim the hair upwards and side ward, try to make a nice bubble.

Model dog grooming

Once you brush the dog out, you don’t need to go. To do the rear leg move your dog little bit. Make sure its cut round. Make sure you skim and don’t get down in there. Once you start cutting, everything will fall in place which at first was wasn’t clear where to start from.

Visit our YouTube channel and go through videos do get the better and live understanding of the brushing and combing techniques.

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