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Finding the Outline of a Dog

The overall length of a dog is measured from the point of shoulder to the point of rump and from withers to ground. The distance between the withers and the top of the elbow and the distance between the elbow and the ground will dictate the overall balance and proportion of a dog. Most breed standards refer to the body proportion as being square or rectangular.

Measuring the Head

Skull types come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The overall length refers to the points from the occiput to the tip of the nose. The stop area is frequently used as a key measuring point of the relationship between the length of top skull and the muzzle.


All patterns are set in relationship to bones and muscles  There are few key areas about the neck, chest, thighs that allow stylists to set body patterns on the dog that are well balanced and symmetrical. On the head, the key pattern-setting points are the stop area, eye socket rims, ears, cheeks and the back corners of the shoulders, ribs and mouth, and the occiput. On trimmed pets, pattern placement is critical to create a stylish haircut that accentuates the dog's features in a positive light. Balance, style and flair all are seen at their best when a trim is founded on a sound basic knowledge of overall canine anatomy. Like anything else, the more knowledge on a topic, the easier it is to apply. And, with time, correct application will become second nature.


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