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The Chow Chow is an ancient northern Chinese breed that is a robust, sturdy dog of Arctic type, medium in size and muscular with heavy bone. While the breed was developed as a working dog, it is now mostly used as a companion and can be seen in showrings all across the country. This royal, lion-like breed is available in five colors: red, black, blue, cinnamon, and cream, and is distinguished by its blue/black tongue and stiff stride. They have a variety of coats, which might be rough or smooth. The Chow is affectionate and dedicated to his family, yet reserved and discriminating with outsiders. They are independent, obstinate, and less ready to please than other breeds due to their cat-like dispositions. They need early socialization and instruction, as well as daily exercise. To keep their double coats in good shape, they must be groomed and bathed on a regular basis with high-quality grooming products. Regardless of whether the coat is rough or smooth, the Chow Chow need frequent bathing and brushing. This bright and elegant dog can be washed as often as once a week to once every six weeks. Proper washing and drying procedures are essential for this double-coated breed to achieve a lovely coat. To obtain the best outcomes, it's important to choose the right items for the dog's needs. The cornerstone for achieving healthy skin and coat is the care and maintenance of the coat. When a coat becomes unclean, the hair shaft becomes tough and eventually breaks down, causing harm to the coat. The dog's coat may also be kept from becoming matted and tangled by washing and grooming it once a week. A lack of care may increase cobweb matting that forms close to the skin. If left untreated, this sort of matting can lead to a variety of skin problems. The Chow Chow looks beautiful when you care after them properly, but you have to brush and comb quite regularly with professional dog grooming products.



The Chow has a thick and profuse coat standing outside the body. The Smooth Chow has a woolly coat with an abundant, thick, straight and upstanding short top coat of plaster texture. The Rough Chow has a rich, rich, dense, straight and strong coat. With a soft woolly undercoat, the outer cover is quite coarse. At least every three months bathing should take place. Bathing monthly is usually a decent rule and can be done more or less regularly. If you use decent materials and perform the job properly, bathing so often as once a week doesn't dry out the coat.


Brush your Chow once a week in between baths. Place the Chow on his side and spray his coat with coat dressing before brushing/combing it into the skin. Brush the entire coat with a slicker to remove dust and prevent dead hair build-up or feels from happening in any place where the coat is squeezed often. Keep the robe down and brush it up with one hand. Begin with gently brushing on the surface and work the entire coat deeply and brush it to your pets head. Be diligent and always scrape upwards in order to brush the breach.. For shorter hair, use the slicker brush, and for longer hair, use the pin brush. Then use the medium/coarse comb to finish. Always brush against the skin! When you're done, clip any long, wispy hair that hangs out past the Chow's "silhouette" using the shears.


Toenail trimming should be done every week or biweekly. Long toenails harm feet and make walking difficult. Some Chow owners choose to file their dogs' nails rather than clip them. File the Chow's nails down until you can see the quick, either with a dog nail tool or a rasp file from the hardware shop. When you've reached the quick, the Chow will usually yank his foot away from you. If required, check the nails of the dog and clip.

 4.     TEETH:

Teeth should be cleaned and tested as well. If you give your Chow uncooked neck bones (chicken, lamb) or chicken carcasses on a regular basis, his teeth should stay clean and clear of illness. If you need to brush your Chow's teeth yourself, your veterinarian may train you how to do it safely and effectively to avoid dental problems in the future.


Chow Chows, like any other dog breed, are vulnerable to certain health issues. The top five health concerns that affect these pets:

  • Sensitive skin
  • Allergies
  • Digestion issue
  • Diarrhea
  • Ear infections

Despite the fact that these health problems are most frequent in the Chow breed, there is no certainty that your dog will acquire any of them. Even if your dog looks to be in good health, it is still necessary to take them to the veterinarian on a regular basis. Your veterinarian can help you keep track of your dog's overall health, and if an issue arises, they can typically detect it early.



Pic Credit: AKC.ORG

 Hydra Odor Neutralizing Shampoo is a professional-grade shampoo that moisturises and soothes the skin and coat of dogs and cats with grape seed oil and oat extract. During the odor neutralization process, the cuticle is partially exposed, making dirt removal simpler and stimulating thorough coat washing. The unique properties of this shampoo make it easier to rinse and allows for faster coat drying. This shampoo was developed by groomers for groomers, and it is safe for all dog and cat breeds. It is cost-effective when used correctly.



The Andis Standard Firm Slicker Brush features a soft-grip design that is ideal for pet grooming. It eliminates knots and matting while also increasing performance by reducing shedding by 90%. This device is beneficial to both tiny and large animals. For safe and speedy grooming, it includes an easy-to-grasp grip. As a result, your pet will seem tidy and clean. It eliminates stray hairs and cleans the coat. It moisturizes the hair and provides a glossy shine to it.




The Andis Standard Steel Comb provides award-winning grooming for dogs of all sizes. The skin and hair follicles are stimulated while tangles, mats, loose hair, and debris are eliminated. It's perfect for fluffing and finishing, and it's light enough to groom without exhausting you. There are coarse and fine teeth on this comb. You may quickly disentangle mats or give the coat a fluffy/finished appearance by using the larger side. Use the finer side for finer fur or sensitive areas like the face and paws.




The Andis standard pin brush eliminates knots, dirt and stray hair while dispersing the whole of the coat of natural oils. This helps you to develop your hair while keeping your hair healthy. The simple to hold anti-slip handle makes it safer, easier to groom. A special stick pad on this brush prohibits a continuous usage of the brush teeth.




Roseline is a company located in Germany. It produces stainless steel scissors of the highest quality. Each scissor is made to grab and hold hair as you scissor it. Roseline shears are long-lasting, multifunctional, micro-serrated, and tough. Roseline Global Thinner Dog Grooming Shears are grooming shears for professionals. It's used to thin and softly trim the coat.


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