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On the occasion of 2nd National Dog Grooming Competition, we had two wonderful seminars conducted by Tammy Colbert and Karla-Addington Smith. Second day’s seminar was on a live dog. We learned how to groom the dog by saving the time. Basically time-saving techniques.

At first, the most important point Karla mentioned was to prepare the Workstation. It is the most difficult and at the same time the easiest way to start with. Make sure your table is clean. We learned how to keep the tools and how to keep the table clean in our last blog. Keep the pet secure on the table. He can feel secure only when you comfort him. Share good vibes. If yourself are irritated or stressed on something, a dog can feel that and it’s possible that he might not even come to you.



You have to know the dog before starting anything on him. Look at his teeth. They might have some peroxide which might be hurting him and you didn’t get the knowledge of same from the owner. You will grab his mouth or chin without knowing, giving him discomfort and you might hurt the dog as well on gums and teeth.

Look into his ears. See if there is any ear infection, redness, anything causing him irritation. You have to feel the dog. Look at his paw pet. See if it’s muddy. Take a look at his nails. Check if they are muddy. You have to crosscheck each and every spot and see if there’s anything causing him discomfort.

Pet hygiene while grooming a dog

Look at his butt. Check if there is any internal parasite or lukewarm. If it’s the female dog, make sure of their nipples. As it is hairy all around and you might not notice and cut off her nipples. Beware to not cut them off.

Evaluate the Dog

You have to evaluate the dog before starting off.

  • See the coat type.
  • Check the matting and tangles.
  • Try on a few hand gestures to ensure if he is aggressive or not. Try to

After evaluating, you will get to what all tools to be used. You can prepare yourself by making an idea in the head as to what look to give, how to start and with which tool.

Prepping is really important

No matter which dog you groom, start with the whole process in a same way. After evaluating the dog, clip out his paw pet. Trim-up around the rectum, clean-up the eyes and around the ears. Use #30 blade for paw pet. If you are clipping outside the paw pet, you have to go in with the left side of the clipper. When clipping inside the paw pet, go in with the right side of clipper. Like this, you are not using just one side of the blade. You have to skim around the paw pet. Always try to start with this first on each dog.

If you get it to a routine it would become easy for further grooming procedures. You may love to watch this, do visit our Youtube channel for the seminar videos. 

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