The Differences Between Home Pet Grooming and Professional Pet Grooming

by ABK Grooming

Pet Grooming involves the hygiene and cleanliness of pets. It may also include the procedure to enhance the physical appearance of a dog for either a ‘Show’ or a Competition.

When you own a pet, you need to know when to groom them. Also, the grooming needs of each pet is different from others. Certain pets need frequent grooming and cleaning as compared to other pets. That is why it will be helpful for you to know the difference between ‘Home Pet Grooming’ and ‘Professional Pet Grooming’. Following are the various factors to keep in mind which can help you decide whether you should groom your pet at home or seek professional help for the same.

1.      Knowledge of Pet Grooming Products

Pet grooming includes brushing, bathing, trimming the nails and clipping the fur of your pet. So, before you can start grooming your pet, it is important for you to know about the various pet grooming tools and products that you will need to groom your pet. For example, you need to know what type of shampoo will be good for your dog. There are many brands of shampoo for dogs available in the market.

 Tearless shampoo for dogs

However, using a good quality shampoo is essential as it retains the good health of your pets’ skin and coat. Our recommendation here is Bio-Groom Econo Groom Tearless Shampoo. Professional pet groomers have an advantage since they are well versed with the pet grooming products and they will ensure that your pet gets the best possible service. Although, these days anyone can easily obtain information about pet grooming and can buy the best grooming tools and products to groom their pets from the comfort of their home.


2.      Cost

Grooming your pet at home might be slightly costly in the beginning since you have to buy all the grooming products. However, it may save costs in the future since going to a professional groomer is very costly. When you go to a professional pet groomer, you have to spend money for each grooming session.

 trimmers for pet grooming

However, if you buy the grooming products then you’ll only need to spend for refilling your stock of shampoo and conditioners or to buy replacements for products like pet grooming scissors, blades of clippers, pet trimmers, etc. If the basic pet grooming can be done at home then you can save the cost of going to a professional pet groomer.


3.      Time and Patience

Pet grooming at home requires a lot of your time and patience. You have to groom your pet with great care. For example, while trimming your dog’s nails you have to very precise because if you do not do it properly, your pet might get hurt. Also, you not only have to groom your pet but also have to take care of the cleanup.

 dog grooming at home

After clipping your pets’ fur, you will have to clean up the excess fur. So, make sure you have enough time to groom your pets. Professional pet groomers specialize in pet grooming so they can devote all the time to your pet and ensure that they are groomed well.


4.      Pet’s Comfort

Grooming your pet at home may benefit your pets. Most pets might feel uncomfortable and anxious at a professional animal grooming facility. So, one should groom their pets at home whenever possible as they feel comfortable in a familiar environment.


5.      Professional Help Needed

Pet Grooming can easily be done at home. However, there are certain aspects of pet grooming that need to be addressed by a professional, which cannot be done at home. They are as follows:

  1. Examining Ears for Infections
  2. Checking if your pet needs de-shedding treatment
  3. Expressing anal glands
  4. Performing Coat Grooming

grooming by the experts

We hope this article has made you aware of the differences between home pet grooming and professional pet grooming. Keep these points in mind so that the next time you want to groom your pet, you can decide whether you want to do it yourself at home or go to a professional pet groomer instead.