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Types of Grooming Brushes : Use the right one with this guide


Brushes come in various types and sizes for specific purposes. Common ones include slicker brushes, pin brushes, and a rubber curry brush. The slicker brush is the favorite of most professional roomers. It comes in various sizes, both flat and curved, and has close-set, bent wire teeth that are either firm or soft. The heavier slicker is ideal for dense bats that are curly wavy or straight, it is also used for removing undercoat on double-coated breeds, such as the Arctic breeds and the shepherd types. The softer slicker is designed for delicate skin commonly found with puppies or small dogs with fine fur. The slicker is considered an all-purpose brush and can be used for all but the short, fine-coated breeds such as the Boxer and Dalmatian. It is important to note that an
improperly used slicker can severely injure a pet by scraping the skin and causing brush burn.


Pin brush

Grooming pin brushes for pets
The pin brush preserves long coats by minimizing hair breakage. Pin brushes are available in many different sizes and styles. The long-polished pins have rounded tips to minimize scratching and skin irritation. Pin brushes are most often used for breeds with long flowing coats in good condition or on Dogs with long show coats.

Rubber brushes
Rubber brushes for pets
Rubber brushes come in various sizes and teeth configurations. They are excellent for fine coated shorthaired dogs In the tub, it is a highly efficient tool as a shampoo brush for many large breeds of all coat types. Other types of brushes available to the professional groomer are the terrier palm pad, bristle brush, hound glove and palm brush.

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