How to Start a Mobile Dog Grooming Business

by Shopify API

People are time and again opting for solutions to simplify their lives and get more efficient results as their lives become busier. Most people adore their pets, but they dread the bathing and clipping that proper upkeep demands. Pet owners all across the world have proven that they will go to considerable lengths to make sure that their pets are well cared for. They are always looking for the best for their furry children, and what could be more wonderful than a day of pampering at home?

A mobile dog groomer is an ideal solution for such busy pet owners. Millennials, especially those who work from home, appreciate services that come to their doorstep as well. You might want to do more with your skills as a licensed dog groomer than work for a grooming company or a pet store. As the pandemic has shown, sometimes the best dog grooming business plans are based on mobility rather than location.


This blog is designed to walk you through the steps of launching a mobile dog grooming service. Keep reading to find out how you can be a mobile dog groomer easily. 

 STEP 1: Make Sure That it's The Right Choice


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As a pet groomer, it is essential to be devoted to providing your animal clients with the high-quality care they deserve. You should, however, be prepared for the job's physical demands. Although pet grooming might be physically draining, if you enjoy working with animals, the joy on your clients' faces pays off in the end.

And if you aren’t already a qualified and experienced groomer, that’s where you’ll need to start. People may prefer comfort, but they will not sacrifice skill for convenience.

STEP 2: Develop A Business Plan.

We know you're itching to get to the point where you're giving warm, soapy dog baths and getting happy puppy cuddles, but research is an important aspect of building your pet grooming business strategy

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Conduct thorough research 

Before you dive into the dog grooming business, do some research! You can better create a sustainable business by evaluating the possibilities for clients in your area as well as your regional competition!

Know Your Costs

Besides the vehicle needed, you'll have to spend on items including but not limited to:

  1. Clippers, Shears, Brushes, Baths, Dryers, and Shampoos
  2. Fuel for vehicles and generators
  3. Oil changes for vehicle maintenance
  4. License and insurance
  5. Advertising
  6. Taxes
  7. Happy hoodies and bowls


Take into account your financial state

Consider your financial status after you've run the numbers. Beginning a mobile grooming business is less expensive than operating a traditional salon, but you may need to take out a loan to cover the expense of owning a pet grooming vehicle while you build your customer base. Another option to consider is leasing a pet grooming van.


STEP 3: Create your Individual Brand

Now it is time to get down to the fun business—creating your brand! Explore the following to get started:


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What do you want the name of your company to be?

You can use a cute name or might consider keeping it simple by naming the company after a favorite pet. Clients will identify you by your business, so think carefully before making this critical decision. 

What all animals will you groom?

While dog groomers are in higher demand, expanding your service to include other pets might help you make more revenue. Consider including cats and hamsters. 

How will you publicize your business?

You can Create a Website to establish an online presence. Make sure it has your pricing listed and your contact information. Update it regularly with offers, reviews, and pictures! Adding a Blog is always a good idea. Publish blogs regularly so that you can help fellow pet parents.

It is optional but recommended. Be active on Social Media channels and promote your ownAnswer queries of pet owners, post updates, pictures and ask people to come forward to take a look to boost business. You can always hand out Brochures at local dog parks, kennels, and vet clinics to better advertise your services. 


Establish a price range

Set your prices in the same ballpark as other area dog groomers to keep your business attractive. When determining rates, consider the breed, the nature of service, and the time required to conduct the service.

Consider Combining Services for unique packages, giving Free Toys to the pets, and Promoting First Time Clients. 

STEP 4: Getting Your Ride Ready



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You'll need your mobile shop to be fully equipped and set up before you can greet your first customers. So, do you want to go all out and do everything yourself? Or, why not hire someone to do it for you? 

It is entirely up to you. In every circumstance, there are benefits and downsides. The most significant considerations are those that only you can make. When deciding which option is best for you, consider your finances, driving skills, convenience, and business objectives.


Aside from flexible mobility, you're promoting your company to the public; in other words, it is self-advertising. People may become aware of your grooming van as soon as they see it.

Because you are not renting an office building, this business has substantially lower budgets than a stationary business. Being a mobile dog groomer on a trailer also saves you money because you don't have to hire as many staff as you would if you had a stationery shop. 

Clients appreciate having their pets serviced in the comfort of their own homes. The pets appear to be in a much better mood (while the owners can watch them). There will be no more exhausting days spent preparing to take their pet to the groomer, stinking up their car, making their pet sick or anxious due to the drive, and so on.