10 Points to Remember While Buying Pet Grooming Dryers

by ABK Grooming

So you’re considering buying a pet grooming dryer but aren’t sure what to look for or what to avoid (And that’s okay!) You possibly know that a dog dryer is a key aspect of the grooming process if you've taken on the responsibility of grooming your pet on your own. Because you need more than just tips on dog grooming to groom your dog, you need the right tools. This is common with pet parents looking to save themselves from a trip to expensive salons, because why not? 

While dog dryers might indeed seem costly, you will rapidly recover your investment by not having to pay for a groomer every month. 

And we’re here to help you choose the right one because trust us, a regular dryer just won’t do the trick. You should invest in superior dog grooming supplies since having the best possible tools may have a substantial influence on your relationship with your pet as well as on keeping them healthy. Let’s dive right in!


Considering Power is important as it helps you decide what dryer to look for, depending on how frequently you will use it.

10 Points to Remember While Buying Pet Grooming Dryers: abkgrooming.com


This is why when looking for a pet grooming dryer, this is a considerable factor. There are dryers designed specifically for professional groomers, as well as dryers suited for occasional household use. So, if you only have one dog and groom it occasionally, your needs will be different from those of pet parents who have numerous dogs at home. 

So if you have a small dog and won’t be using the dryer that often, you can heed our dog grooming tips and stick with a light handheld dryer like The Marvell New Ionic Generation Dryer For Pets. Otherwise, you can opt for a single or double-motor dryer that offers more power, such as dryer with a blasting function. For bigger or heavier coat dogs, we suggest you pick a powerful as well as an affordable option like The Aeolus Cyclone Single Motor Pet Hair Grooming Dryer which can be mounted as well. Experts recommend The Aeolian Blaster Single Motor Pet Grooming Dryer which is an all-purpose dryer that works excellent for professional groomers as well as home grooming. For professional groomers who want to invest a little extra, we recommend you to check out the Powerful Pet Grooming Dryers here.


Look for Variable Speed Options

When shopping for grooming dryers, the speed of the dryer is very important. You can choose a single-speed dryer if you only have one breed, but a variable-speed dryer if you have several or are a professional. It's also important to think about how the length of the fur coat varies. Find a dryer with a customizable speed so you can do the task without the possibility of harming your pets.

But purchasing dryers with different speeds is always a good idea. They make it easier to keep increasing the pace as the dog dries. When your dog's fur isn't completely dry, it's vulnerable to a number of illnesses, making it difficult to maintain a healthy and lustrous coat. Variable-speed dryers prevent such drying accidents.

Presence of a Heating Element


When picking pet grooming dryers, keep in mind that they should not produce uncomfortably hot air. Air pressure is mostly responsible for removing water from the dog's fur and that’s the way it should be. If we go by the traditional dog grooming guide, too much heat can result in uncomfortable and painful injuries to your dog. So if you reside in an area where winters can be harsh, it's better to use a dryer with an adjustable heating element. According to the body part, you're drying, you should be able to adjust the hot air flow from mild to moderate. However, while you may not realize it, a heating element can assist your furry friend during the cold months.

Pro Tip: Pay attention to how your pet reacts to the heat to make sure they’re comfortable as you dry them. 

Carbon Brushes for Durability

Extended life in a machine is always a plus, as it saves money. So in a motorized appliance, this is something you should always search for. Carbon is chosen because of its self-lubricating qualities, which causes less wear on the commutator as compared to harder metal brushes. Carbon brushes have a maximum lifespan of ten years, ensuring that your dryer will continue to perform as well as new for a long time.

Noiseless Function Matters

If you’ve taken your dog to a professional, among other dog grooming tips and tricks they might have told you about noise and how it impacts animals. Dryers are motorized appliances, thus no dryer can be completely silent. But many brands have worked hard to ensure that their dryer makes as little noise as possible. These companies make sure the dryer isn't too loud so that your pet doesn't run away when it's on. Because particularly anxious pets may be unable to remain still, it's critical to invest in quieter dryers. 

10 Points to Remember While Buying Pet Grooming Dryers: abkgrooming.com

Many prominent brands employ modern technologies to reduce the noise level. So, when you're looking for a dog dryer, opt for one that says "minimum noise." A decent dryer should strike a balance between durability and quietness.

Size, Portability & Storage

Dryers are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes. It suggests you'll need to find one that matches your space without causing you any complications. You can choose from a variety of dryers, but you must consider storage. For many groomers, especially pet parents, handheld dryers are an excellent choice. These goods are less inconvenient to transport and use.

10 Points to Remember While Buying Pet Grooming Dryers: abkgrooming.com

According to the kind of space you have for the appliance, you can buy a wall-mount or stand dryer (dog dryer with stand) to create smart storage and free up space, especially if you're a professional groomer who struggles with its organization (been there!) 

And if you're a budding mobile groomer, portable dryers are your best bet. These are small, light, and easy to transport. The Metrovac Quick Draw® Portable Pet Dryer also has a shoulder strap, making it easy to carry around like a shoulder bag. This has helped a lot of mobile and doorstep pet groomers. 

Multi-Purpose Benefits  

When it comes to products where we get a 2-in-1 deal, we’re tempted, and for good reason. So imagine if your pet grooming dryer did more than just drying. Imagine if it was also meant to vacuum your workspace without you having to purchase a separate appliance. Let’s add a cherry on top, imagine if it already had quiet functionality. Wouldn’t that make your work so much easier? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to imagine, you can have it. With The Double K Challengair 2000 Plus Vac Single Motor Force Pet Dryer, you can have the absolute dealmaker. 

Your Budget 

While we want you to have the best there is, the budget can be a limitation. Especially if you’re grooming your dog yourself, you need a good dryer along with dog grooming tips at home. While some dryers are very expensive, there’s a wide range for you to choose from. If you can’t afford the more expensive ones, go for the ones that fit your budget without making a hole in your pocket. There are some amazing affordable dryers with great features and durability. You can check them out here.

Additional Accessories

10 Points to Remember While Buying Pet Grooming Dryers: abkgrooming.com

 Many dryers come with versatile accessories to help make the grooming process easier, faster, and customizable. For instance, Dryers like the Aeolian Blaster Single Motor Pet Grooming Dryer come with different-sized nozzles for different parts of the drying process and insulation sleeves to make it safe. 

Similarly, The Double K Challengair 2000 Plus Vac Single Motor Force Pet Dryer comes with 8 versatile attachments, a Highly flexible crush-proof 8' hose, and 2 vacuum bags. 

Easy Care & Maintenance 

Air filters are installed in pet dryers to prevent dirt and particulates out of the motor. Filters that are clogged or dirty will not only reduce the dryer's effectiveness and diminish its lifespan, but they may also scatter particles of dust.

Your dog's dryers should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. You must evaluate how easy it is to clean the air filters; blocked air filters are ineffective. There's a likelihood that your dog's fur won't dry if the air filters aren't cleaned properly and become congested. Dirty air filters can also transfer dirt particles on the dog's skin, causing irritation.

So when shopping for a dog grooming drier, make sure the air filters are simple to dismantle and clean. Make sure the machine is simple to disassemble and reassemble. Complicated dog dryers may be difficult to put together. And If done incorrectly, it could cause burns when operated. 

In addition to these ten points, we recommend you choose a brand or platform that provides you with a reasonable Warranty and Guarantee. This makes sure that in case you need help with your dryer, the authorities are ready to help you with post-sale services and repairs. Dryers have warranty periods from 6 months to 1 year and 5 years depending on the brand. 

 A warranty is a promise to customers that we want a long-term relationship with them, and we at abkgrooming believe in providing post-sale service to our customers. We understand good conditioned equipment is all-important for the success of the pet grooming business. We have always been trusted by our customers as we have expert technicians to service your tools and return them back to you on time. 

Here are some questions answered by us:

 For which products, service, and repair facility is available?

We provide service and repair facilities for clippers, dryers, and tables.

 What if I purchase a new product, it is under warranty and it doesn’t run well?

We provide a free service and repair facility for every product purchased from us that stops working under the warranty period.  

 What is the warranty period for new spare parts replaced in the tool/ equipment?

If spare parts have been replaced with new ones the warranty period is 6 months.

Grooming animals isn’t an easy process but brands come up with revolutionary technologies to make it easier. The process of picking out what suits your needs can be tricky for sure, but with our services, it will be easier. Reading the points above might have given you an idea of what to look for when choosing a pet grooming dryer. And we hope you find the right one for you. 

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