How to care for Hypoallergenic Dogs?

by ABK Grooming

Hypoallergenic dogs are an excellent choice for people with sensitivities to dogs because they produce less dander (skin flakes in a dog's fur or hair), which is the primary cause of allergies. Their saliva and excrement could be allergens too. 

We'll go over how to care for your hypoallergenic dog's skin and coat so you can keep them healthy. And because grooming is an essential part of taking care of your dog, be sure to follow the directions.




Pic Credit: Pexels

Although hypoallergenic dogs shed less because they’re more likely to have hair rather than fur, they still need to be cleaned regularly (we recommend every six weeks.) We advise you not to use shampoos intended for humans on them as they can cause severe reactions.

Many pet parents get confused with the tons of dog shampoos available online, so here’s a link for an  Assorted Collection of Organic, fragrant, medicated, and hypoallergenic pet care shampoos and conditioners.

A recommended hypoallergenic dog shampoo is the  Bio-Groom So Gentle Hypo-Allergenic Dog ShampooAlso, do not over-bathe your dog: once a month or twice a month is sufficient. 




Pic Credit: Pexels

It should come as no surprise that hypoallergenic dogs, like all dogs, require daily brushing. You have the option of not doing so, but take it from frustrated pet owners and professional dog groomers: it's better to be safe than sorry. Not brushing them regularly will cause mats and tangles to form, which ultimately snowballs to many other concerns like skin irritation, ticks, and fleas. So use a Good Dog Grooming Brush and save yourself from the agony!




Pic Credit: Pexels

Like any other sensible person, we know this isn’t something to consider getting done that often. Plus, your dog probably doesn’t need it frequently if you’re taking care of their basic grooming needs at home. But, now and then, consider taking them to a professional groomer, who can not only glam up the hard-to-reach areas but also clip and clean them more meticulously. 

In conclusion, a hypoallergenic dog can save you from getting sniffles, but most hypoallergenic breeds require proper care in the form of regular brushing and trimming, and bathing every 6 to 8 weeks. A little goes a long way and how much you care for your dog shows how much you love them!