IPL Celebrity Cricketers and Their Pets

by ABK Grooming

India’s love for cricket is boundless just like its love for pets, particularly dogs. Being cricket lovers, we want to know more about our favourite players. And if you are a pet lover then you are always curious to know about your favourite celebrity cricketer’s pet. The face of cricket has changed over time and IPL is now trending among cricket fans over the world. Let us have a look at your favourite IPL team and their bond with pets.  

Though Mumbai Indians have won most of the IPL matches, CSK and Dhoni have their own fan following who are completely crazy for them.  But Mahendra Singh Dhoni the ‘Captain Cool’ is a true animal lover. He and his wife Sakshi are parents to several dogs and horses. They have a Belgian Malinois, two white Huskies and a Dutch Shepherd with whom they spend quality time at their farmhouse. Similarly, Deepak Chahar, Ravindra Jadeja, and Ben Stokes from CSK are equally crazy for pets.

 MS Dhoni:


Deepak has a lab named Denzo and is often seen sharing photos and videos on Instagram, while Sir Jadeja is an animal lover too; he has dogs, horses, rabbits, pigeons and fish, Ben Stokes is a 32-year all-rounder from England playing for CSK and is very active on Instagram with his pets Shelby and Sampson with whom fans have seen him and his family spending quality time very frequently. 

Deepak Chahar:


Sir Ravindra Jadeja:


Ben Stokes:


Mumbai Indians are at the top of the list and with millions of followers, they are also the second-most popular IPL team with the star players such as Rohit and Suryakumar Yadav; Being one of the clean strikers and record breaker, Ro-HIT is also a pet parent who loves dogs a lot, he had a beloved Beagle named Magic who recently passed away and he dedicated his half-century against ODI with Sri Lanka to him.



Suryakumar Yadav who is ruling our hearts has two dogs Pablo and Oreo who are Frenchie. Suryakumar’s Instagram is flooded with posts of him and his fur babies which shows his bond with them. In one of the posts, he also calls him, “Mera dost Mera yaar Mera beta Mera bhai Aur sabse badkar tu meri jaan hai”.

Suryakumar Yadav:


Another famous celebrity cricketer from England and Mumbai Indians is Jofra Archer, during one of the matches the fast bowler was injured which truly made his fan worried about his return to international cricket, but do you know who came to his rescue? He brought home, five American pit bulls who helped him recover from the career-threatening accident.   

Jofra Archer:


Though Royal Challengers Bangalore has been in the limelight for memes and humour about their poor performance, the team’s real charm belongs to Virat Kohli. The one who doesn’t leave a single chance to impress the cricket fans with his centuries and girls with his handsome looks is an extreme pet lover. We all know Virat has lost his Bruno (Beagle) but we have recently seen him happy posing with a street dog in Bhutan during his trip. Both Virat and Anushka are found to be an animal lover and spends time with their furry friends.

Virat Kohli:


Drawing things to the close, the last year’s winning team, Gujarat Titans and its star players Shubham Gill, Hardik Pandya and Mohammed Shami are pet lovers too. One of the snaps from Shubham’s Instagram is of his pet dog captioned, “Missing this Goltuu”. Check out the snap and we are sure both these Gentlemen rule most of the fan’s hearts. Similarly, Hardik Pandya, the saviour of Team India is not just a dog lover but amid pet lover, he has two terriers, Aston and Bentle Pandya, whom he loves to the moon and back. Hardik’s Instagram is flooded with his pictures of dogs and we are sure he is an amazing dog parent. Coming to Mohammad Shami, being the fastest bowler, we must say his pet is equally a fitness freak, he was seen working out with his dog ‘Jack’.

Shubham Gill:


Hardik Pandya:


Mohammed Shami: 


These celebrity cricketers are just like us, they aren’t hesitant to flash their love for pets or shy away from spoiling them. They also keep sharing their puppy moments spent by them on social media. Let us know in the comments which celebrity and their pets you love the most.

Images credit: instagram.com