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The Day 2 of the 2nd National Dog Grooming Competition was as awesome as Day 1. The winners of Day 1 were more excited as they were one step forward to win the award of “Best In Show” i.e. the winner who did well on both the days and will be winning the prizes worth INR  5lacs. The Competition on second day was on Grooming the Model Dog. The competitors had a chance to be in the Model Dog World Indian Team. It was huge for each one of them and they showed all of their backbreaking work that day.

Participants have to get the model dog’s wig combed and all straighten up and during the competition they have to groom the model dog. What we found after a bit of questionnaire’s that each one of them has a different idea of grooming. It was amazing to get the knowledge of different techniques from the participants itself.

Model Dogs competition

Anxiety was bubbling up in the stomach to see the after cut look but need to maintain the patience as the competition was of 2:30 hour including 15 min of break. During the competition itself judges were checking their scissoring methods, trimming gestures and noting it down on the sheet. Participants were told to name their model dog as they will be judged on this point too. Things were getting nervous, the tension was evolving and flourishing the weather.

Competition started after the prejudging. Participants were ready with the trimmer in one hand and dog on other. As it was the model dog there was no worry of running of dog or moving. They can rotate the dog in different angles and postures to give the cut they had in their head. Also they need to be careful as once they did the cut hairs won’t come back.

The prizes to be given away in the second day, in the model dog championship, of 2nd National dog Grooming Competition were, the winner would get the cash prize of Rs. 21000, the 1st Runner-up would get the cash prize of 11000 and the 2nd Runner-up would get the cash prize of Rs. 5000. Apart from that they would get a chance to be a part of Indian model dog world team and they can compete with their team with the other countries model dog world team. It was time to see the hard work the groomers are giving to win this.

We saw a mesmerizing dedication coming from the participants to win. The respect we saw in their eyes for the competition was incomparable. Seeing this, judges made a decision. A decision that could change a life experience of the participants. They decided to give away Six, yes 6 prizes. Each one of us was shocked and had our eyes widely opened. They didn’t change the number of winners from 3 to 4 like the last day; they increased it directly to SIX.  

Participants were more excited now, curling their lips, they began the second half with more enthusiasm. There face turned red after hearing such an announcement. Some were worried on making the place in Top 6 and some were confused and wondering if the prizes already decided will be changed and that will only get distributed among 6 winners. Butterflies in the stomach were growing.

Even we were not sure what to do for the prizes, surely can’t change the ones already decided. After a brief discussion, we decided the prizes and were about to announce that. It was a huge decision for us.

Top 3 winners of Model Dog Championship

Prizes now to be given were, for The Winner, the one who achieves the first place, will be given a whooping cash prize of Rs. 25000 along with the certificate signed by IJA judges and a Winner trophy. Yes we increased the amount from 21000 to 25000. Literally it was a moment to capture the reactions we got. The unstoppable sound of Clapping was heard and it was a pleasing moment for us. No one expected the prize money would change this way.  Then we announced the further prizes, the 1st Runner-up will take the cash prize of Rs. 21000 with the certificate signed by judges and a trophy, 2nd Runner-up will get 15000, the certificate signed by judges and the 2nd Runner-up trophy, 3rd Runner-up wins 11000, 4th Runner-up will get the cash prize of Rs. 7500, our 5th  Runner-up, and the 6th Runner-up will get Rs. 5000 cash prize each. Everyone was super-happy after hearing the prizes, the awards and happier after knowing all of the winners will get a chance to be a part of Indian model dog world team.

Do check out our YouTube channel to know our six winners of the Model Dog Championship. Let us know in the comments if you have any doubts. Thanks for reading.

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