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Using a Model Dog as a Fabulous Tool by Tammy Colbert

Model dog is a fabulous tool to learn on. We can try different tricks and techniques on this without a worry. It can be moved, turned around in various angles and positions, can be colored differently, can be given numerous cuts and groom it howsoever we like. It’s a great teaching tool.

Model dogs for dog grooming

There are many uses of Model dog out of which few that we learned from Tammy Colbert through the seminar. Tammy has the experience of over 35 years and is a master certified groomer from IJA. She explained us how can we use the model dog as a fabulous tool and try on contrasting styles.

With one square model dog, she explained distinctive breeds we can work on with a little bit of understanding and knowledge on one model dog. The lines need to be learned to know the shape. The one we had was a poodle of which she did a cut and groomed it as a poodle dog should be. Also explaining why the dog have a certain cut, it has.

Poodle is a short back dog which connotes we need have hair at head proceeding with hair on back. Poodle is a retriever and it needs to be able to swim, function that way to their job. Poodle got to have a pom-pom on the legs one at start and one above the foot. It gives them the warmth and the portion in between has to be shaved for free and easy movement. That was quite a point of knowledge. Ears should not be just put down, we got to give them some structure by pinning them if needed or just by giving a cut. Forming the shape and trimming the hair from the portion at lungs and kidney appropriately to give them warmth while retrieving their work. Also giving a cut at joints in a way that the poodle didn’t feel uncomfortable and give them free space for their actions. 


Please follow the below link for our YouTube channel to learn more effectively by seeing the videos and get the glimpse of the seminar too. Do share you experiences of grooming the dog and the tricks you use to enhance the look through the comments.

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