Why Should You Use Curved Scissors for Dog Grooming?

by ABK Grooming

Curved scissors are used in curved spaces as well as to provide a contoured finish when desired. They are unbeatable at grooming areas that could be challenging to reach with a conventional straight scissor, such as the brows, the area of the chest that merges down into the front legs, and the hair on dogs' paws so that it looks perfect and round, and many other regions.

Who can use Curved Dog Grooming Scissors?


Everyone can use curved dog grooming scissors, whether they are used at home or by experts. Furthermore, because it doesn't require much handling, even beginners quickly master it. Curved shears are simple to operate because they only require thumb movement, but the proper practice is required to become fast.


I have straight scissors, will they do the trick?

Taking into account the dog's breed, size, and fur, you can decide whether or not you actually require curved scissors. Straight scissors can perform the same task as curved ones, but they will take more time, will prove to be difficult, and won’t produce the same crisp result. 


Is there more than one Curved Scissor? 

Additionally, there are several lengths of curved grooming scissors, ranging from 4" to 10". Which one you require will depend on the dog you plan to groom. If you work as a dog groomer professionally, you may want to keep various lengths on hand so you can groom any dog you get, no matter how big or small.


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