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Advantages of Cyclone Single Motor Pet Dryer and Air force Commander Variable Speed Pet Grooming Dryer

From Poodle to Portuguese water dog, every dog has its own needs and requirements. Keeping the dog groomed will not only benefit the dog from being hair-free but will also keep them hygienic. 

If you’re sick of your soaking wet dog leaving a water trail all over the house after bath time (or if your dog has so much fur that it never seems to dry on its own), than a dog dryer is a solid grooming tool to consider!


cyclone dryer for dogs

Here we measure the advantages of two of our highest selling dryers.


Cyclone Single Motor Dryer with Heater

Air Force Commander Variable Speed Dryer

Cyclone Single Motor Dryer is a high-velocity dog grooming dryer that delivers a high volume of air to blast water from coats. It may be used with or without heat with an inbuilt independent unbreakable Incoloy tubular heating component.

The Metro Air Force Commander is a bestselling product for drying both small and large breed enormous dogs.

Two-stage filtration and solid state variable speed controls. 

Design includes easy change filter.

Weighing approximately 5kg makes it a portable dryer, easy and convenient to be carried and handled anywhere you need it.

Compact, lightweight for professional or personal use and has a Powerful motor up to 4.0 Peak H.P. cuts drying time by as much as 75%.

Maximum Power: 1800 W

Power Capability: 1350 Watts

Heat Power: 600 W,  Noise: 83 dba

Motor: 4.0 HP

Blow Force: 605 g

Air Volume: 130 CFM

Maximum Speed: 60 m/s

Air Speed: 71- 142 m/s

Highest Temperature: 52 °C

Amps: 11.5A


All dogs have a better chance of looking their best, if they are well groomed. And of course, grooming a dog is much easier if you invest in the right grooming equipment. 

pet hair dryer

This is why professional style blow dryers for dogs can prove to be a wise investment for groomers in particular.


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