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Cat Condos: An Affordable Home for your Kitty

Stainless Steel Round Corner Cat Condo


ABK Grooming is launching a brand new category, Cat Condos, with the list of products it has. We have added condos and cages especially for cats. Cat condos are spacious cat cages where your kitty can rule. Cats are naturally curious creatures who love to play and explore. In this cat condo, He can lay, swing and romp to his heart's desire. The larger the cat condo, the more sleeping compartments and levels there are for hanging out and taking in different views of his surroundings. Cat Condo is a wonderland for kitties.


The Cat condo is designed in a way, the left half of the condo is a living area equipped with resting panel and right half is an area for rest and excretion. Cat litter boxes are available with this. A stainless steel round cornered cat condo is designed to give your kitty the privacy and space he needs. He can cozy up in his special little space and take a nap on the floor.


Special Features of Cat Condo

  • Rounded corners
  • Smooth and easy to clean and keep hygienic
  • Clear Stainless Steel mesh and transparent acrylic door
  • Easy for users to observe and free of depression for cats
  • Open/close the horizontal tunnel to excite and interest cats
  • Size customized for Group Customer
  • Perfect Performance
  • Cat litter boxes available


It's the perfect cat condo to take your lion to new heights and give him a new sense of purpose. They range in width and height and are from 34 inches height. Also an add-on of 2 cages one at the top and the other at the bottom increases a foot to upwards to 69 inches height.


Shop the best cat condos today and give your kitty hours and hours of amusement and relaxation.


Stock up on amazing Cat Condos NOW!!

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