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Clipper Motors Comparison

Andis is a brand which we import in India for the clippers. It’s a very renowned brand and their products are sold all over the world. Not just the clippers but they have wide range of products in grooming industry. We are connected with Andis from the very start of our business. As they have comprehensive range of clippers we thought of comparing all of them as per the motors. Lots of our customers ask us which clipper should we use? Which is best clipper? Which one lasts more? Etc.To make it easily understandable we have made a comparison chart with some points we checked their specifications. The question isn’t which clipper motor is best? Instead you should be asking which motor will suit my cutting needs.

Clipper motor comparison chart

Andis tools utilize expertly developed motor technology designed to complement the application, ensuring maximum performance. We have extensive range of clippers from Andis in our product list with different speed and colors. To know more about any particular clipper send us the mail and we will write a detailed study on that clipper.

 Do watch out this video to select the right clipper speed:

Thank You!

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