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Difference Between Two and Five-Speed Clippers

Trimming your pet is one of the essential parts of pet grooming. Whether you are a professional pet groomer or groom your pet at home, you need to know about the various clippers available for trimming your pet’s fur. Clippers are available in different speed models and have different uses in pet grooming. Lower-speed clippers are used to clip around the sensitive areas while higher-speed clippers are used when you want to give a pretty finish to the coat. Let’s take a look at the uses and advantages of Two-Speed clippers and Five-Speed clippers

 2-speed clippers for pet grooming


Two-Speed Clippers

Five-Speed Clippers

Speed Level

Two-speed clippers come with two levels of speed. Use normal speed for most cutting needs and 25% faster speed for dogs with heavy coats.

Five-Speed clippers come with different levels of speed which can be used as per different grooming needs. You can use the lowest speed to trim around the delicate areas of your pet. Use the higher speeds when you want to give a neat finish to your pets’ coat.

Cool Operation

Two-speed clippers have a cool and quiet operation and blades do not overheat as much as single speed clippers.

The Ceramic blade of Five-speed clippers runs cooler and lasts longer.


Their blades are detachable and easy to clean.

Five-speed clippers come with detachable blades that are easy to change and clean.


They are ideal for dogs with all coats and breed.


These clippers are perfect for dogs with any coat or breed.


These clippers are light-weighted

Five-speed clippers are light-weighted

Motor Type




Avoid using these clippers near water or else they may short circuit and get damaged.

Never handle these clippers near water as there is danger of electrical shock and damage to the clipper.

 5-speed pet clipper for professional groomers

So now that you know about Two-Speed and Five-speed clippers, you can use them to provide the optimum grooming for your pets.

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