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Dog Perfumes: Smell Good at All Times

Dogs can quickly become smelly by walking in the rain or rolling about in the mud. However, you can't give your dog a bath whenever they start to stink, too many baths can cause skin issues. 

Your dog could be the adventurous type that smells good a day or two following a bath. In fact, if they are not entirely dried after a bath, they may even smell musty. It makes sense that you question whether you can use colognes on them. The good news is that you can!

We present to you some of the top dog perfumes and fragrances that would have your dog smelling better than ever, after all, they are the final touch to the best dog grooming and care products:

Bio-Groom Colognes


Bio-Groom fragrance-infused pet colognes are one of the most affordable dog perfumes that offer mother nature’s gifts to grooming. This cologne is bursting with a delicate and lovely natural scent. This long-lasting fragrance lingers for days. Grace your pet’s senses with Bio-Groom colognes. Available in 4 options. 

Hydra Colognes


Hydra Groomer's Forever Cologne is a professional line of colognes for a flawlessly luxurious scent. With a high fragrance intensity, it keeps your dog smelling heavenly for longer than usual. Just as safe and suitable for fluffy and damaged coats. Created with ingredients that are safe for dogs and cats. They’re available in 5 irresistible scents: Forever Fresh, Forever Candy, Forever Baby, Forever VIP, and Forever Love. 

TropiClean Colognes

The deodorizing pet sprays from TropiClean work by attacking and destroying odors at their source, leaving behind a clean, pleasant scent to elevate your pet dog's hygiene. Eliminates pet odors in general as well as odors from urine, skunk, feces, glandular secretions, and vomit. Available in 3 hot scents: Kiwi Blossom, Berry Breeze, and Baby Powder. 

Natural Scents Cologne

Pets often seem to love getting dirty. These odors can be nasty. When that occurs, you can immediately modify the situation by spraying on a Natural Scents Cologne. It is 100% biodegradable and made with the finest natural dog-safe ingredients, which will leave your pet smelling fantastic for days. Lightly mist the pet with the cologne and thoroughly comb it through the coat.
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