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Dog Show Trolley

Carry your pet in a colorful trolley to any competition/show

One of the best dog show products on earth; luggage cart, pet carrier, temporary staging and housing, cage and grooming table. The Dog Show Trolley is manufactured with 100% Aluminium Material. Aluminium material gives it a smoothing finish. The Compact folded size is easy to transport and fit in most standard cars.  The trolley is Strong enough to be loaded with your dogs and luggage or supplies.

 Trolley for grooming competition

The Aluminium frame of the trolley makes it durable, strong, light-weight and is easy to clean. Heavy-duty aluminium parts are rust resistant, durable and long lasting. We are offering two wheel options, 4" good quality nylon wheels with ball bearings best for smooth ground and 6" non-pneumatic rubber wheels for other terrains, grass, dirt fields, etc. Aluminium material is resilient in the roughest conditions which make the trolley long lasting.

 Trolley wheels

It includes four industrial strength casters and one set of wheels. Available in One door, two doors and four doors models.


Colors we have with us Black and Silver however it is available in many more colors like pink, purple and blue. If you require any other color book your pre-order and we will get it imported for you.

Special Features of DOG SHOW TROLLEY

  • Wavy, Grooved Skid-resistant Surface
  • Rubber border protector
  • Fold down handle Top Panel Security Clip
  • Top Panel Security Clip
  • Double door locking system



Product Name/Title

Dimensions (LxBxH)



Air Wheel, Aluminum Board, One Door

37L x 26W x 31H inches



Air Wheel, Aluminum Board, Two Doors

37L x 26W x 31H inches



Air Wheel, Aluminum Board, Four Doors

37L x 26W x 31H inches



Air Wheel, Aluminum Board, One Door


31L x 21W x 25H inches



Air Wheel, Aluminum Board, Two Doors


31L x 21W x 25H inches



Air Wheel, Aluminum Board, Two Doors


22L x 17W x 31H inches



Nylon Wheels 4 inch


4 inches



Pneumatic Wheels 6 inches


6 inches




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