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Professional Walk-in Kennel (USKN SERIES)

A Comfortable space for pets to relieve stress


ABK has continuously increased the demand and supply in pet grooming industry and have inspired the groomers to fill their grooming parlors and spas with new products to attract the customers and know the advance technology. We go with the command you demand we import. We take special orders too!! So if we get to know about anything new up in the market we will get it!! Take Knowledge and Give Education will be our all-time mantra.

This time we are launching a new category all-together in our range. We are introducing Professional Walk-In Kennel of USKN Series. This product is especially for breeding and boarding needs and is now available with us. You can place your orders to get one for your facility.

Compared to other kennels and cages, the USKN offers more space in its layout, accommodating larger breeds, reducing stress on medium and small sized animals, providing opportunity to house family groups, and providing an overall luxurious environment for the pets. We understand that a lot goes into designing the perfect space for your breeding and boarding needs.

Many details are taken into account during the boarding/breeding kennel facility planning, a good architect could help you a lot and reduce possibilities of many potential problems in the future. A steel floor with rubberized coating that prides itself on its environmental friendliness (no VOC), high tensile strength, elongation, flexibility wear, age resistance and anticorrosion. A drainage system that is easy to clean and clears all wastes.

The Professional Walk-In Kennel is not merely sturdy and long lasting, but is made by considering the actual conditions. Whether you’re looking for a new kennel installation, a partial or complete renovation, special dog kennel runs, a new dog shelter set-up, a luxury pet hotel establishment, or a solution to challenging indoor/outdoor space, this is the product you need for all!

  • Pet friendly: Big place for pets to live and reduce the stress.
  • Side walls are made from stainless steel and HDPE paneling, providing a solid structure and easy maintenance.
  • The USKN provides an easy installation with a module assembly that assembles and connects the cubicles.
  • The middle lift gate is controlled by a double control pulley system, making it easy to connect or separate two rooms. This lift gate also sets you up for an easy clean, allowing you to confine your animals into one room while you clean the other.
  • Easy Installation Module assembly. Easy to assemble and connect cubicles.
  • All accessories are practical and user-friendly.

Stock up on Stunning Professional Walk-in Kennel for your pets. Unleash the Scientific power!!

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