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What is Creative Grooming?

Opawz creative grooming products for dogs: Pet Grooming Supplpier

Creative grooming uses color dyes and hair accessories to create artwork for pets. This process allows professional groomers to be innovative and personalize their pets. Competitions showcasing creative grooming are a popular platform for this. Additionally, many pet parents love having their little ones styled for a special occasion.
What’s interesting is that this isn’t a "modern-day" practice. It has been around since the Stone Age to identify and distinguish animals. Even back in the seventies, free-spirited people extended their fascination with dyes and haircuts to their dogs (and even cats!) to fashion creative makeovers.
Animal lovers are skeptical when they see something they are uncertain about and make misguided assumptions. But today, groomers have in-depth knowledge and many safety boxes to check before proceeding with a pet. With the right products, creative grooming can be the spice a pet’s life needs.
Let’s talk about these supplies you’ll need as a creative groomer. Note that these products from Opawz have not been animal-tested and are completely safe for their fur.

Listed below are the must-haves

Opawz Permanent Pet Hair Colours and dyes: Creative Grooming:  Opawz Semi-Permanent Dog Creative Grooming Dye:

Opawz Semi-Permanent and Permanent Hair Dye for Pets

Opawz Hair Dyes give your pet an elegant and superior coloring result. It is accessible in permanent and semi-permanent variations that are very gentle.
The permanent color is made from natural substances and will last for more than 20 washes. Available in 14 spicy shades, it shows results in only twenty minutes!
The semi-permanent color is available in eight beautiful shades and is safe to use on cats, dogs, and other pets that can be bathed. In around 6–12 washes, the dye progressively fades away.

Opawz Color Paste for Pets 

Available in 7 gorgeous colors, OPAWZ Colour Paste is a quick and easy way to give your pet's hair a pop of color. The vivid colors can change colour conveniently! Excellent for highlighting and fine-tuning design work, it's the ideal method to try out quirky streaks before committing to a long-term color treatment.Funky Pet Colour Shampoo: Creative Dog Grooming

Opawz Funky Pet Colour Shampoo

The shampoo is made with a mild formula and can be used on pets with white or fairly light hair. Use it in a series of baths to make the color richer. The color lasts for 3 to 8 washes.
Pro Tip: The longer the shampoo stays on, the stronger the results are.

Opawz Glitter Powder for Pets

With its soft shimmer, the ultra-fine and ultra-light OPAWZ Glitter Powder will inevitably make a statement. Also available in eight dazzling colors, OPAWZ pet glitter powder is versatile and excellent for pet events or creative grooming contests.
Opawz Pet Hair Chalk: Creative Grooming: ABKGROOMING.COM

Opawz Pet Hair Chalk

It adheres effectively to dark and light color coats, resulting in a vivid, lively coloration. They're readily accessible in 12 rich color options: pink, green, purple, orange, blue, black, white, brown, yellow, red, grey, and turquoise..

Opawz Grooming Spray

This product is used to help you style and achieve long-lasting vibrant color on the coat. From a distance of roughly 12 inches, spray in short spurts. Use before additional colors or chalks, and we guarantee that you’ll be amazed. 

Opawz Blow Pens: Creative Grooming: ABKGROOMING.COM



Opawz Blow Pens and Professional Tattoo Stencil for Pets

This product is used to help you style and achieve long-lasting, vibrant colors on the coat. From a distance of roughly 12 inches, spray in short spurts. Use it before additional colors or chalks, and we guarantee that you’ll be amazed.

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