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Dog Grooming For Beginners At Home: Dos and Dont's

Are you a Dog parent questioning, “How to do dog grooming at home?” If yes, you’ve come to the right place. 

For a dog to live a healthy lifestyle, proper hygienic habits include brushing, ear cleaning, and nail and fur trimming. Although most dog breeds do not need daily grooming and maintenance, they still need routine upkeep. Additionally, the majority of dog breeds, including Golden Retrievers, Huskies, Bichon Frise, and Poodles, need daily and routine grooming.

Many dog owners frequently take their pets to their veterinarians, professional dog groomers, or handlers for grooming. Using dog nail grinders or trimmers sounds dangerous and frightening.

There will be times, though, when your neighborhood grooming service closes. You only need a quick trim, simply want to save your hard-earned money, or want some TLC bonding time with your pup and learn DIY dog grooming at home. So, learning how to groom your dog at home will always come in handy.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important Dos and Donts of Dog Grooming at home. 

DOS best dog grooming supplies for professional groomers and pet owners

Credit: Pixabay

  • Do Reduce Their Anxiety. 

  • Calming your dog down before starting the grooming process is useful for several reasons. First, you don't want your pet to hurt themselves or you if they’re agitated, and second, pets that are calm and secure are happy and easier to work with. 

    To reduce grooming anxiety, you can invest in a Happy Hoodie, Keep them secure with a Grooming Hammock, and minimize loud sounds like dryers and trimmers so they aren’t scared. 

  • Do Use the Right Tools

  • Depending on your dog’s fur and skin type, a special Dog Grooming Brush might be necessary. But you should be aware that every dog needs the right grooming supplies to keep them in the right shape. Make sure you have high-quality dog-appropriate Nail Clippers, Scissors, Trimmers, and other grooming tools always on hand. And don't be afraid to ask us for advice if you're unsure. We’re always happy to help!

  • Do learn properly before Grooming. 

  • Before you attempt to groom your dog, make sure you are prepared with the basics of dog grooming. This includes handling and preparing and assembling a suitable Dog Grooming Kit with necessities such as the proper brush, clipper, and dog grooming comb. It’s also important to be knowledgeable about the basics and necessary methods for clipping, bathing, and brushing your dog (particularly if it is a long or double-coated breed).

    Proper grooming reduces accidents, saves you time and money, and strengthens your relationship with your dog.

  • Do Give Breaks & Rewards. 

  • Your dog needs breaks between long grooming sessions and that isn’t up for discussion. Standing or sitting in one spot for too long can cause exhaustion and stress. So make sure to give them regular breaks while grooming. 

    Also, reward-based grooming always works. When your dog knows there is a delicious high-value reward waiting after that bath he doesn't like, he’ll be more likely to cooperate with you. 

  • Do practice Patience. 

  • Dogs are sensitive to stress, so be mindful of your state of calm and relaxation as well as the amount of time you've decided to give for the grooming session. Study your dog's response while moving slowly and paying close attention to what you're doing. Take breaks and keep an eye out for symptoms of stress, such as trembling, whining, or panting. Make the experience pleasant and maintain composure. Your dog will ultimately become accustomed to the procedure and feel more at ease if you are polite and patient with them.


    DONTS best dog grooming supplies for professional groomers and pet owners

    Credit: Pixabay

  • Don’t Bathe them too often. 

  • Give them a bath only when needed, such as when they're gotten dirty or stinky or when it's been a month since their last bath—washing dogs’ coats too often strips them of their natural oils and can cause skin issues. To avoid matting, make sure to bathe your dog in a warm environment and always towel-dry them completely before using a dog grooming dryer.


  • Don’t overwhelm your dog. 

  • Avoid the mistake of trying to fit all of the things on your dog's grooming checklist into a single session. Instead, break up grooming duties into fewer, more frequent intervals. Avoid waiting until your dog is restless or stressed before ending each session. Try ending them on a positive note. Your dog should leave the room thinking, "Hey, that was fun!"

  • Don’t forget the ears and paws. 

  • Regularly cleaning your dog's ears using a dog ear cleaner will assist to stave off painful ear infections. Try Trixie's simple-to-use ear-cleaning wipes. Just keep in mind to avoid getting your dog's ears wet while bathing. Ear infections from water and shampoo can be painful and deadly. Here is a guide on how to safely clean your dog's ears.

    Also, it's necessary to regularly inspect your dog's paw pads to make sure they are healthy. Make sure the paw pads are not dry, cracked, or damaged. So, be sure to clean their paw pads as well.

  • Don’t neglect the grooming tools. 

  • Tools like clipper blades need to be maintained clean, sharpened frequently, and changed at least every few years. Your dog's nails may be pulled and tugged at by dirty or dull blades, which can make poor cuts.

    Additionally, this involves correctly storing them and using Clipper Blade oil. This helps you save time and money because if you don't care for your tools now, you’ll have to get a new one sooner than you’d have to with proper maintenance. 


  • Don’t use human products on your dog. 

  • Do not use toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, or other items intended for human use on your dog. Some items, like human toothpaste, contain harmful substances for dogs, such as xylitol.


    Grooming is essential for every pet. Since pandemic, a lot of pet parents have learned to groom their pets a home. This doesn't only make their bond a lot closer but understand their pets at a deeper level. After all, grooming your pet is a form of love as well. 

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