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How to trim your dog's nails?


Have you become a new pet parent? Or do you want to provide a self-care day to your little poodle or lab? Grooming is essential for every pet. We care for their oral care, coats and healthy lifestyle. But what about finer details like nails?  Our dogs deserve their grooming from time to time. It can be quite a task but it's worth it. 

 Dog’s nails are often neglected. Why? Because we believe that they would file on a hard surface and maintain themselves. We are clearly mistaken there. Our dog’s nails need their own care. We cannot neglect it since it can be a painful experience for our pets.

Why is clipping the nails necessary?

 Dog’s nails are much harder than human nails. If not trimmed properly, it can grow long which can cause discomfort to your pet. Oftentimes, it can grow inward which can cause them pain and trouble in walking. Clipping the nails every 2-3 weeks or once a month is recommended. Here’s the key to monitoring the growth of the nails and cutting accordingly. Here is how to go about it.

Few things to keep in mind

Make a comfortable space

This is a pivotal step to follow. Making your dog comfortable is the first step in any grooming session. Whether your dog is groomed at home or by a professional groomer, it's important to calm its anxiety and stress. A comforting environment will soothe the mind and lessen the chances of any mishap or state of panic by your pet. 

Not too close to quick!

Often, the new pet parents cut their dog’s nails a little too close to the quick. It can cause discomfort and pain to your furries. In case of an accidental cut on quick, apply gentle pressure to stop the bleeding. You can also use Bio-Groom Sure Clot Styptic Powder,  a formula to stop the bleeding. To avoid such a mishap, try cutting the nail little by little. 

Do not rush the process

The rushed process never ends well. Whether it's life or trimming your pet’s nails. This grooming session should be done at a slow pace to prevent any sudden mishap or wrong clipping.  Sometimes your pet may not cooperate with you. So you have to be patient and supportive. Do not force them to go through this process. 

 Step-by-step process

  • Familiarize the nail clipper with your pet. Let your pet sniff and gain an understanding of the nail clipper. This will help your pet not be alienated from the whole process.

  • Slow and steady steps. Cutting the nails in small amounts helps ease the anxiety and stress.

  • If needed, file the nails. Be careful since some pets don’t like the feel of filing. 

  • Reward your pet with every small achievement. This helps promote good behaviour and sends them signals to be on their best behaviour.

  • Sometimes the pretentious act of clipping the nails also helps your pet get used to the process.

What tools should I use?

This is a dilemma. There are so many nail clippers out in the market. Which one to use? Fret not. We got you. We have compiled a list of the best nail clippers for you. So you can skip the stress of ordering the wrong product.

Andis Nail Clipper Large


This nail clipper is made of stainless steel blades that are corrosion-resistant. The soft grip and spring-loaded feature lessen hand fatigue and provide a better grip. This clipper prevents overcutting the nails, making the process a lot safer for you and your pets.

Trixie Dog/Cat Nail Clipper

This clipper is essential if you get the best of both worlds. A feline and a furry friend. This clipper is made of stainless steel to last longer. The non-slip rubber grip offers a firm and better grip. This clipper has a safety lock that prevents you from cutting the quick. This helps the new parents or groomers from hurting their pets.


Andis Premium Nail Clipper Small

Want the Andis large Nail clipper in a smaller size? We have just the product for you. This nail clipper is made of stainless steel and has a non-slip rubber grip for a firm grip while doing grooming. The spring-loaded feature helps lessen hand strain and fatigue so nothing stops you from grooming your pet.

 Trixie Claw Scissors

This might seem out of place but this claw scissor comes in handy. It is suitable for small dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals. So in case, you thought we didn’t count puppies. We did. The blades are made of stainless steel with a rubber grip. Just so you know we didn’t miss out on the small furries on our list.

Andis Cord / Cordless Nail Grinder

In case your pet doesn't need trimming, here’s an alternative. You can just file their nails with this grinder that has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is equipped with two speeds- normal or Turbo to quickly trim your pet’s nails.

 Aeolus Nail Grinder for pets 

Looking for an electric nail grinder? Aeolus is your find. This nail grinder comes with a shaft Dremel with an ultra-high motor. Its speed can be adjusted easily. Grinding attachments are replaceable and sold separately, making the trimming of nails a lot easier.

Aftercare for your pets

Now the big deal is over. You have successfully trimmed your pet’s nails. But what’s next? Paws are sensitive. They travel to so many places. Care for them is needed. After trimming your pet’s nails, you should file their nails. Remember not every pet likes it. But if they don’t mind the aftercare; here are the aftercare products:

Artero Nail File

This is made for both cats and dogs. A handle with a rubber grip for a firmer hold. Conclave file to give a smooth and rounded finish. After sharp edges are smoothed, your pet is ready to go on another journey of an amazing world.

Trixie Paw care cream

 Are we just ending our grooming session with cracked paws? Nope. This paw cream heals the cracked paws and restores them to their healthy state, keeping them moisturized. It is made with beeswax which helps in the nourishment of the paws and is suitable for both cats and dogs.

Reward them with treats

Nails? Trimmed. Paws? Cleaned. It’s time to reward your furries with treats for their hard work and patience. Sitting through the grooming session with their best behaviour on. Your pets deserve their share of favourite treats. Make sure to spoil them for a perfect closure of the grooming session.


Trimming nails may seem scary and we understand that feeling. Hence, we provide our best-recommended products for your use. Your pet’s safety is our top priority. Still in doubt? Check out our website to gain more information and see for yourself.

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