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IPL - Indian Pup League, Indian Cricketers And Their Love For Dogs

 We all dog fanatics get ecstatic about everything related to dogs. Have you been always wondering about celebrity dogs? Today while cheering up for my favorite IPL team with my pet, I was curious to know Doggo - Affair of Indian cricketers. Here we will give you the insights of Indian cricketers and their fur babies.


  • Ms. Dhoni - The captain cool has to be on the top of the list. Not because of being the Indian Cricket Team’s Captain, but he also leads the team for dog fanatics. He has a whole pet family and here is a list of the few pets MS Dhoni has. The golden retriever, Belgian Malinois, Weimaraner dog, Husky, Dutch Shepherd. He also has an Indian Pariah. His fans love him for owning a native Indian breed of dog. We have seen him playing around with his pets. Many videos are available on the internet where he is playing and loving his pet family. 


  • Virat Kohli - Our new captain is not at all behind when it is a question of Doggo-Affair. Virat had a Beagle named Bruno. He passed away on the 6th of May 2020 after being with him for 11 years. Virat’s first pet was a white Pomeranian, after which he had a Golden Retriever called Rico and then a cute beagle named Bruno. He has also adopted 15 stray dogs in Bengaluru.

 Virat Kohlis Dog - Bruno

  • Hardik Pandya - Hardik Pandya has two dogs of the terrier breed. He has named them Aston and Bentley. He loves both of them a lot. They are famous among his fans. Especially on Instagram. He also says that he loves Bentley more than himself. He frequently posts fun time pictures of him and the pets.  

 Hardik Panya with his dog

  • K L Rahul - After seeing K L Rahul's Instagram account, you might say he loves Simba as much as he loves cricket. Yes, K L Rahul has a Chow Chow breed dog named Simba. To whom he adores a lot. He has created a separate page named @kingsimbathechow. It has a series of monochrome pictures of lovely Simba.


  • Rohit Sharma - Hitman Sharma the Vice-Captain of the Indian cricket team and his cute little daughter Samaira are very fond of their pet. Not just both of them, but his wife too loves their beagle. She had shared a video on Instagram where their fur baby is trying to keep their baby daughter warm with the shawl.


  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar - India’s premier fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar is also a dog lover. His doggo Alex is just a treat for eyes. He frequently shares pictures of them with funny captions. The most loved picture of them is a collage when Alex was just a little pup and now when he has become a fully grown dog. 

 Bhuvaneshwar kumar with his dog

  • Yuvraj Singh - The batsman who makes all the ladies go weak in the knees with his charm is also not behind in the race of die-hard dog lovers. He has a poodle named "Puppinder Singh". He had shared a picture on Instagram during quarantine months. Captioned as “When your hair is growing crazy in quarantine with pup Singh“ Look at it and you will surely agree with him. Haha! 


  • Virendra Sehwag - Sehwag is known for his wit, along with his cricket skills. The cricketer trying his hands on acting has earned every dog lover's heart with his last Instagram post. Where he is seen with two of his dogs. He has captioned the picture as "Dogs do speak, but to those who know to listen". This is not the first time, but he has always been showing off his love for dogs on social media. 


  • Shikhar Dhawan - The talented Indian opener has adopted two Desi breeds of dogs during the quarantined month of June. He has named them Chloe and Valentine. Shikhar is not just a dog lover, but he is also insanely crazy about horses. 


  • Ravindra Jadeja - Pets are synonyms to our all-rounder player to whom the captain cool has named Sir Jadeja. The Royal Rajput Jadeja is very fond of animals. In his farmhouse, he has a variety of pets, dogs, rabbits, pigeons, fishes, and most importantly horses. He has two pet dogs, a Rottweiler, and a pug.


  • Shreyas Iyer - This young lad has every time proved himself with his batting heroics. He is also very active on social media with his Golden Retriever "Betty". His Instagram has a lot of pictures of the good times spent with her. In one of the posts, he has also called his pet his sibling. We guess that's enough to judge his love for "Betty". Shreyas has also shared some videos of his and Betty's love for the sport and the fun they have at home.


Let us know which Indian or International Cricketer - Pet duo has won your heart.


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