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March Is Dental Health Month

Your Pet's Dental Health Is More About Than Just Their Bad Breath

A common misunderstanding that many people have is that it is normal for dogs to have bad breath. It’s the result of the build-up of bacteria that produce odors in the mouth, gut, or lungs. If your dog persistently suffers from bad breath, this suggests that your dog may benefit from improved dental care. It should conjointly recommend that your dog has issues with his gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, or liver. Regardless of the case, unhealthy breath is a sign that one thing is wrong with your pet health-wise.


In this blog, we’ll cover number of explanations for dog’s bad breath furthermore number of ways that you’ll facilitate your dog through teeth brushing and many other procedures you can follow on. Oftentimes a veterinarian check-up should be considered if you notice anything to make sure your pet is getting the best help they can.


At What Age Should My Pet Start Getting Cleanings? 
The age of pets requiring dental cleanings varies however generally by two years of age they have enough tartar which gives us the symptoms.


How frequently Does My Pet Need Teeth Cleanings?
Small breed dogs may need their teeth cleaned every 3 to 6 months. Most pets will need their teeth cleaned yearly.



  • Inflamed Bleeding Gums
  • Change In Chewing Behavior
  • Scratching at nose and mouth
  • Excessive Licking


A lot of dog owners are often shocked when they find out that their cute puppies no longer have the fresh baby breath they used to have. When they grow up and we start feeding them solid food, that’s when their breath changes.


This could be as sometimes dogs tend to eat things they’re not speculated to eat (even toxic ones). Careful monitoring of your dog’s eating habits and a modification to a better, less smelly diet may rectify this problem.



  • Provide Oral Health Doggie Dental Treats

First, let's cover some of the things you can give your dog as a treat that can help with their breath. Things like coconut oil, yogurt, and a few drops of lemon all these things keep the mouth clean from bad bacteria which may cause bad dog breath. Try our Dental Care Treats and give us the feedback on same. We ensure you with the best imported products.


  • Brush the Teeth

Teeth Brushing is by far the best and simplest option to keep dog’s teeth and mouth healthy. This is not as simple as it sounds however as there are many dogs who either don't enjoy the toothpaste or the feeling of a brushing. By brushing your dog's teeth regularly you can see an enormous increase in their dental health furthermore the breath in dogs.




  • Add Dog Breath Freshener to Drinking Water

Along with above methods, there are certain products to avoid such issues. We have got Water addictive’s specially imported from USA. Try these and feel the change. These are for everyday use and gives 12 hours of fresh breath.


When deciding what to brush a dog's teeth with it is sensible to go for a dog safe brand. Tropiclean, Trixie and Petkin are few brands we will recommend for the oral care products. They contain natural prebiotics for complete wellness.


  • Provide Chew Toys and Bones

Consider giving your dog a healthy chew toy; a healthy chew toy can keep your dog from gnawing and eating a lot of things he’s not supposed to eat. It will additionally help him clean his teeth naturally. These are great options for oral health.

Many chewy toys like Bac’n Stuffed dental bone helps to remove plaque and tartar. It’s basically play and care.

Sometimes you can treat bad dog breath by home remedies or by using qualified products. Other times, it’s vital to the dog’s overall health to visit a qualified veterinarian. The veterinarian can determine the main cause of a dog's bad breath.

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