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Metrovac dryers have a legacy of manufacturing the best quality dryers since 1939. Their dryers delivers high-performance drying technology and ultimate control that will leave your pets looking their best.  It allows you to reduce unnecessary noise by up to 90% while grooming small or short-haired breeds. Less noise means less frightened dogs and more efficient grooming. Powerful when you need it and gentle when you don’t. It’s the perfect tool for all your furry clients, big or small, long hair or short. You will appreciate that the MB-3 grooming dryer has no heating element, so you can quickly and safely dry pets without the risk of making them uncomfortable or damaging their coats. We import the best of the best Metrovac® dryer packed with so much power into innovatively -designed Master Blaster® series, that they cut drying time by 75%. Just flip the switch and these high-speed dog grooming dryers literally "blast" water off the wettest dogs, faster and more efficiently. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, they’re the most powerful dog drying machine available today. You’ll groom more dogs in less time for greater profits!


  • The Air Force® Master Blaster® features two twin-fan, 4.0 Peak Horse-power motors with variable control capable of delivering up to 0- 58,000 feet per minute.
  • Powerful and gentle has no heating element, so you can quickly and safely dry pets without the risk of damaging their coats.
  • Cuts drying time by up to 70%
  • Reduces noise levels by 90%
  • All steel construction provides ultimate durability and years of trouble-free service.
  • 10 ft. x 1.5" flexible commercial strength hose
  • Heavy-duty neoprene blower and air-flare nozzle
  • It is a new age dryer with variable control models. Due to these improvements, groomers can dry all dogs, big or small, and long- or short-haired with equal efficiency.
  • The twin fan generates a negligible amount of heat to speed up the drying process and reduce grooming time.
  • Motor: 8.0 peak HP Variable Speed
  • Power Capability: 2280 Watts
  • Air Speed: 0-297 m/s
  • Cord length: 12 ft
  • Hose length: 10 ft
  • Weight: 11.7 kg
  • Air Flow: 0-400 CFM/
  • Current – 19 Amps
  • Construction: Steel 
  • Hose: 10 ft 1.5” Diameter
  • Dimension: 22” L X 8” W X 11” H (56 L X 20 W X 28 H cm)
Kit includes:
  • Hose
  • Blower Nozzle
  • Male adapter
  • Air flare
How to care:
  • Step 1 – Unplug the dryer, and take out the cap and filter which are located at the rear exterior of the dryer. Use a vacuum cleaner or a big brush to clean the cap and foam filter. You may find the cap and filter accumulated with animal dander, debris, and hair all over it. It has to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Step 2 – Later take the foam filter, scrub and clean it nicely so that the bacteria and odour are gone. Allow it to dry off and fix everything as it is.
Wall mounting brackets can be used for hanging the dryers as it saves space if the brackets are used consecutively a dryer docking junction can be made.

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