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Grooming salon, pet shop, vet clinic, kennel, pet hotel, pet training school, etc. will all benefit from having this wonderful machine on hand.

It removes odor while helping sterilize and disinfect the environment. This advanced ozone machine is designed to destroy, not just cover up pet odors, cleaning chemicals odors, bacteria, fungus, viruses and other indoor air pollutants. Generating high level of ozone, 14g/h, it is one of the most efficient machines in the current market.


  • Purify the air in a 325 square ft. room in approximately 5 minutes!
  • Count-down timer and automatic shut-down function
  • Capable of operating for extended periods, it enables you to maintain an odor-free and clean environment
  • Requires no supplementary additives and is relatively maintenance free
  • 120W, low carbon production
  • User-friendly

Product Code: OG-501

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