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ABK Grooming importing best of the best deliberately from the USA. Metro® packed so much power into its innovatively-designed Air Force® Master Blaster® series, they cut drying time as much as 75%. Just flip the switch and these two high-speed dog grooming dryers literally "blast" water off the wettest dogs, faster and more efficiently. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, they’re the most powerful dog drying machine available today. You’ll groom more dogs in less time for greater profits!

Features -

  • The Air Force® Master Blaster® features two twin-fan, 4.0 Peak Horse-power motors with variable control capable of delivering up to 0- 58,000 feet-per-minute.
  • Cuts drying time by up to 80%
  • Reduces noise levels by 25%
  • 18 amps/2,160 watts
  • 10 ft. x 1.5" flexible commercial strength hose
  • Heavy-duty neoprene blower and air-flare nozzle

Specifications -

  • Motor: 8.0 peak HP Variable Speed
  • Power Capability: 2280 Watts
  • Air Speed: 0-297 m/s
  • Air Volume: 0-400 CFM
  • Amps - 19
  • 5-year warranty 

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